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Why We Recommend Adopting ITIL

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) provides a set of IT guidelines and best practices for IT service management organized around the life cycle of an I.T service offered by an organization. IT companies offering Ottawa computer services should be able to assists you in adopting ITIL in IT service management as lots of businesses in Ottawa are benefiting from this proven system.

ITIL ensures that IT services are provided in a focussed, client friendly and cost optimized manner utilizing five core components namely:

  • Service Strategy: Agrees on a strategy to best serve clients and determines the services an organization will offer and what capabilities need to be developed. This component makes use of four processes (Service Portfolio Management, Demand Management, Financial Management and Strategy Operations).
  • Service Design: Designs new IT services and change and improve existing ones focussing on the “Four Ps of Service Design” (i.e. People, Processes, Products and Partners).
  • Service Transition: Ensures changes to services and Service Management are carried out in a coordinated manner and making sure these changes are made with minimal disruption to I.T services.
  • Service Operation: Ensures services are delivered effectively and efficiently. This component is responsible for key processes such as Event Management, Incident Management, Access Management, Technical Management, etc.
  • Continual Service Improvement (CSI): Uses past success and failures to continuously improve services. This component makes use of Service Reviews, Process Evaluation and various CSI Initiatives.

How ITIL works.

ITIL focusses on maximizing service value by utilizing these five core elements (Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and CSI) as a guideline for service delivery. It aids in planning, changing and effectively implementing services that will be cost effective and productive.

Why ITIL is important for businesses.

IT companies in Ottawa implementing the approaches recommended by ITIL benefit their clients with minimized costs and reduced cycle times through the improved utilization of resources and improved business risk management.

Adopting ITIL best practice improves first call resolution and thus reduces cycle times for services, ultimately improving end-user satisfaction.

What accreditations are needed to adopt ITIL best practices in your business?

Ottawa IT companies who can assist you with ITIL, employ at least one ITIL certified professional. Various training colleges offer courses in ITIL which are inclusive of the internationally recognized ITIL exams. The five ITIL certifications include ITIL foundation (entry level qualification), ITIL practitioner, ITIL Intermediate, ITIL Expert and ITIL Master.

Many companies in Ottawa adopt ITIL in addition to other frameworks to maximize service quality and minimize costs.