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Why We Recommend Studying Information Techs

Broadly speaking, information technology ( IT) refers to the use of computers. People who are knowledgeable about or work in information technology have a variety of areas of interest relating to computers. Some people develop the hardware to operate computers. Others (computer programmers) write the code that controls applications and software.

Other people focus on the security of computer systems, aiming to stop hackers from viewing or stealing personal and corporate information. Computer system analysts evaluate existing computer systems and suggest changes to make them more efficient. There are even more areas IT professionals specialize in. The possibilities are endless! That’s not surprising considering how pervasive computers are in our lives nowadays. Information technology is definitely something to take interest in and learn about. Here are four reasons why.

Job Prospects

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in computer and information technology will grow 12 percent between 2014 and 2024. That means that an extra 488, 500 jobs will be added to this field. This outpaces the projected growth in almost every other occupation. Many of these jobs require a bachelor’s degree or higher. But some, such as the occupation of a web developer—developing websites—often need only an associate’s degree. Many employers search for workers that have a degree. However, others who know computers well and can get the job done can find work as independent contractors. In this field pay is good and people in this area of work report being very satisfied with their jobs.

Knowledge of Computers is Helpful in Life

Even if a person does not work in information technology, knowledge of how computers work is helpful in daily life. How many workers or bosses have called on the person in the office who knows computers best when they had a computer problem? And how many people working from home on a PC or Mac have wished they knew more about computers when they ran into a problem? By having knowledge about computers you can repair computers not only in your work office but in your own home. This is definitely something that can help save you tons of money in the long run.

Studying IT Makes Good Thinkers

Because of the subjects studied in IT and the methods needed to arrive at answers and solutions to problems, people who have studied IT have become good problem solvers and creative thinkers who think outside the box. Being able to solve problems is always a positive asset and quality to have. By having to fix and solve computer problems often you can build your mind and implement this type of thinking into every job you ever have.

IT Professionals Impact the World

People who work in information technology, such as those with Ottawa IT support, also are often helping people. Depending on their specialty, they may be able to make computer hardware and software easier for the average person to use. That will cut down on people cursing at their computers. More seriously, however, some IT specialists will work in the medical and education fields developing and perfecting computers that can analyze all kinds of data that will eventually make the lives of many people better. Some musicians are able to use computers to store their music and play all the instruments they need to create a recording. Filmmakers use computers. Some films are created digitally.

IT is here to stay. After studying it, there is no limit to the heights to which peoples’ skills and passions can take them. This is definitely a subject area that is worth looking into and trying out! This type of knowledge can really help you get a job just about anywhere.