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Why Learn To Code: It Can Change Your Life

Coding is quickly becoming a necessary skill in many of the best white collar jobs. No longer strictly the domain of computer whizzes and technical geniuses, coding has become increasingly important for the average computer user. A basic understanding of how coding works is important for anyone who wants to communicate digitally. Those who develop the skill further will find it invaluable in their professional life.

Not Just Websites and Robots

Until you start learning about computer coding, you may be under the impression that it is generally used in huge and complex applications like computer operating systems or robotics. In actuality, coding is so much more than that. You can write a single line of code in Excel to simplify pages worth of data, develop a program that automatically schedules recurring tasks in your calendar around your appointments, create a single app to take advantage of all the connected devices in your life—monitor and control your house’s lights, locks, thermostat, sprinklers, security system, sound system, and more—or you might even conceive a program that consolidates information from all your banks, e-mail, social media, and favorite news outlets and presents everything in exactly the way you find it most useful. As you learn about coding, you will find more and more uses for it.

Day to Day Codes

If you do your work on computers, you may already be utilizing basic codes. Push the basics a bit further and you can streamline many of your tasks. If there is a fairly simple, repetitive task that you have to perform frequently, a bit of programming can turn a lengthy chore into something short and sweet. A well-programmed function can also minimize the risk of human error, which is especially useful in a task that requires math or the dissemination of information. Coding will make you more efficient and effective, giving you more time to spend on other things and a good argument when asking for a raise.

Closed Tags, Open Doors

Small businesses especially value employees who can shoulder many responsibilities and bring the company added value. Being able to tell a potential employer that not only are you qualified for the position they are interviewing you for but you can also build and maintain a simple website—or even a Microsoft small business server—will set you apart. Once you have developed your coding skills, you can take part-time freelance work to help pad your bank account and enhance your resume. Even a basic understanding of computer code can quickly be turned into an income stream. Despite officially being out of the recession, a cautious individual knows that having a diverse set of skills is the best defense against prolonged unemployment.

The ability to code and do basic programming is only going to become more ubiquitous as time goes on. Fifty years ago, typing was considered a specialized skill that the average person didn’t need to develop, and coding is poised to become that necessary, not just in business, but in a day to day life.