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Why We Encourage Businesses to Invest in Network Security Updates

The rate of advancement of technology is increasing with each passing day. Unfortunately, this trend goes in tandem with the increase in security risks for companies that utilize IT to run their business. Hackers are always looking to learn, acquire and use new technologies to detect loopholes in vulnerable network systems. For businesses whose IT services are run by managed services providers, Ottawa IT consulting companies can be of great assistance. They will ensure that the technology set up within the offices is up to date and secure. There are three main components of a network system that require regular maintenance and updates for a robust network security system.


Hardware systems today are packed with a lot of functionalities which can help businesses to automate most, if not all, of their processes. While the advancement of hardware technology is at a slower rate than software, it is essential that businesses plan on updating their hardware components after a specific time-span. Vulnerabilities in hardware systems can pose a great danger to the network security of a business. Network support companies in Ottawa are instrumental in guiding businesses on which appropriate hardware to buy. It is important to get the right network infrastructure for your business to ensure it is protected from potential security attacks.


For most software that runs network systems, there is an inbuilt prompt code which alerts users to an available update. This is either for the entire software or for a single component within it. While they may be very regular and even annoying at times, it is important that these updates be installed as soon as they arrive. This is because they may contain crucial security updates. For software that does not automatically update, businesses require companies in Ottawa, which provides IT consulting services, to make recommendations on the required tweaks or alternative software to install. This is so that the updates are checked and performed regularly. These updates will ensure that the software is running optimally. Also, they ensure that the software is secure for the user and the business to use.

User Accounts

The nature of every business is that there is always a periodical shift when it comes to its employees. These periodical shifts come in the form of promotions, demotions, transfers, or sackings. Therefore, these shifts may require that the employee user accounts are regularly redefined and audited. This is so that systems are kept secure and synchronized at all times. Unchecked user accounts can be monitored and targeted by hackers. They can also be utilized by threat actors to conduct illegal transactions within a network unnoticed. As a result, businesses in Ottawa should seek the assistance of IT consulting companies to ensure that their user accounts are regularly redefined and secured.