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What are the advantages of an in-house IT support team?

When running a business it can be difficult to know if you should hire an in-house IT support team or consider outsourcing it to an IT support company like us.

In-house IT support is a great option for some companies while others would benefit from outsourcing it. In this article, we will give you an unbiased view of the advantages of an in-house tech support team.

Hiring an IT support team or outsourcing to an IT Support company can be a difficult choice. In this article, we will take a look at the pros of building your own tech support team and in a future article, we will look at the disadvantages of building an in-house IT support team.

Benefits of building your in-house IT support team.

One of the main benefits of building your own in-house IT support team is the speed at which you will be able to solve any technical problems that come up.  

A business that is being throttled by a tech problem can lose thousands in revenue so the speed is of the essence. Building your own IT support team is going to allow you to have a member of staff that’s always available to work on any issues your business may face as and when they pop up.

Building an in-house tech support team also gives you an advantage when it comes to the quality of work being performed. Outsourcing your IT support can sometimes give you problems as the quality of work isn’t up to standard. Building your own team and processes will allow you to train your staff to the levels you expect.

Building your own team means that nothing is out of scope too, when you outsource to a managed service provider the work covered will depend on your service level agreement and sometimes areas in which you think you would be covered are not. Having your own in-house support team gets rid of this problem as you can have them work on any issues that pop up without adding to your monthly costs.

An internal support team also understands the company ethos and it’s in their best interest to get your problems fixed as quickly as possible. Outsourcing on the other hand doesn’t always mean that your external IT support company will have a similar work ethic or be aligned with your business goals.

An in-house IT support team knows your business, your staff and even your business goals so they will get a feeling for what your business does, how it operates and will be able to spot problems with your system quicker than an outsourced support team. With downtime costing companies anywhere between $5000 and $540,000 an hour, being able to spot problems and fix them quickly is going to be an advantage to a business.

Is an in-house IT support team a good option for everyone?

Larger companies tend to benefit more from an in-house IT support team as they can afford to train their staff and ensure they have up to date qualifications, while hire multiple members of staff for different areas a business may need.

Smaller businesses including startups may not have the funding necessary to support building an in-house IT support team and this is something we will cover in our disadvantages of an in-house IT support post.

No two businesses will have the same requirements so deciding on an in-house IT support team or choosing to outsource your IT Support will ultimately depend on your business and your current circumstances.

It also should be said that not all large businesses have the knowledge to assemble an in-house IT support team or want to and in this case, they may also choose to outsource their tech support for simplicity sake.

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