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Tips on Website Configuration and Management

Websites are the face of a company on the internet. They provide internet users with an overview of a business’ products and services. However, if websites are not properly configured and managed, they can serve as a gateway for hackers to infiltrate networks and perform malicious acts. Businesses must ensure that they set-up their web applications using robust practices so that they don’t pose a threat to network security. Companies which offer network support within Ottawa can help businesses to set up websites which are secure and properly configured.

Website Configuration Factors

There are key components which must be considered when configuring a website.


The appearance of a website is one of the biggest factors to be considered during site configuration. Websites are required to be of simple build, giving only information that is relevant to the user. Simple designs and styling ensure that every component of a website is well represented and it reduces the chances of leaving loopholes which hackers can exploit. Improper appearance settings could lead to syntax errors which could expose the code to a website build. By utilizing proper network support systems, Ottawa based companies can successfully implement proper site appearance configurations.

Search Engine Optimization and Navigation

These two factors aim at enabling users to navigate through a site. Without proper implementations of menu bars, scroll bars and search engines, companies are at a risk of infiltration from hackers through attacks such as HTML and SQL injections. IT consulting companies in Ottawa can help businesses to define proper parameters for menus and search results. This is so that the website components and data that are private are secured from malicious users.

User Interface Widgets and Plug-ins

Widgets and plug-ins are placed on a website to enhance the usability and interactivity of the website. However, without proper testing, configuration, and management, these sites can provide hackers with a loophole into the company network. Hackers can use a widget to embed malware into a website and use it to infiltrate network security. It is advisable for businesses to apply widgets that are from reliable sources and those which have been properly tested.

Page types

Websites are made of different page types depending on what information, functions and protocols the webpage is using. Each of these types has different configuration needs and parameters of managing them. Failure to configure web pages properly may give hackers many opportunities to infect the website with malware and gain access to restricted information.