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Tech Tricks to Improve Your Small Business

Technology is a vital ingredient that can fuel innovation while offering an advantage in transforming your business. When was the last time you assessed the tech gear, services, or software you are currently using? Are there new components that can be added to your computing infrastructure or outdated devices slowing you down? It is important to do some assessments so you can budget for the necessary changes your business may need. Here are various technology tricks that can transform your business and make streamlining old processes a lot faster.

Marketing Automation

Technology has so far been very helpful in marketing. Digital marketing techniques like multichannel campaign management are being used to drive more conversations and engagement with clients. Marketers believe that making use of modern techniques can facilitate engagement, targeting, conversions, marketing and analysis, and can result in better sales. The tools can be used by an entrepreneur include things like social media dashboards that group all online advertising efforts together.


Mobile technology has become increasingly prevalent today. Mobility means more tech devices (tablets, smartphones, and laptops), more apps, and more locations (working from home, an office, or even a coffee shop) that can help in improving the businesses collaboration, productivity, and the entire business as a whole. A survey by Sage U.S. SMB showed that 70 percent of the companies that have tried mobility in their business agree that it pays out mainly by improving customer service. Entrepreneurs should consider creating a website that is mobile optimized because customers are increasingly using their cell phones to conduct e-commerce transactions and to research information. Make things accessible and convenient for both customer and client in the mobile world.

Cloud Computing

The cloud offers a great way for small business to gain more agility. It also helps in introducing new capabilities that wouldn’t have been easy to deploy using the traditional technology of the past, due to costs and time. Cloud computing allows you to use a “pay-as-you-go” model which assists in managing costs while dialing down or adding computing resources as required. It can be incorporated easily and quickly, making it simple to get files and projects all in one place and accessible from anywhere. This way a business owner can focus more on the business, rather than on computing infrastructure.


Efficient collaboration is paramount in marketing programs and in the entire business. PDF had been a standard format for documents collaboration. However, you can use other options like cloud and file sharing over the internet. This way you can work on, collaborate, and input ideas on projects from anywhere in the world. These new software options will eliminate the size dependency bottlenecks which can hinder the flow of work and slow down business.

If you are not sure what steps you should take in new business technology, then know you are not alone. Small businesses owners tend to feel overwhelmed by the many technologies that can help run their businesses. Be sure to navigate through your research of data security and backup programs and begin implementing early so you can transform your business before your competitors beat you to it.

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