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How to Switch IT Support Providers?

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In past articles we have discusses the benefits of outsourcing your IT support and as one of Ottawa’s best IT support companies we would love it if you would consider us if you are switching IT support providers.  

If you are considering switching IT support providers this is the article for you as we will be looking at what you should do to switch and if it is worth it for your business to switch providers.

In our experience, we have noticed that many businesses stay with their existing IT support provider even when they are not getting the service they were promised and need. Most companies tend to stick around with the same support provider for years as moving to a different company seems like a lot of work.

Some of the companies we have talked to have mentioned they worry it will be a big task and they also worry that their business will suffer downtime from switching IT support providers but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Establish a reason for switching providers

As mentioned above switching from one IT support company to another doesn’t have to be a big job and it doesn’t have to cause downtime. However, there is still work involved so you should establish a reason why you want to switch providers, as you may be able to fix whatever problem you are having with your existing provider by simply chatting to them.

You may want to switch your IT support provider because you have seen a better deal elsewhere, if this is the case speak to your supplier to see if they can match it. Some companies will do this and it could save your business money.

If it’s a case of quality and service though you probably should move your business IT support to another company. Our recommendation would be to make a note of what you are not happy with and what you would like to improve upon. You can then use this information when selecting a new IT support company and you can make sure that you show this to them so they know your expectations.

Get an audit of your existing system

Contacting IT support companies in your area for an audit of your system is going to minimise the number of support companies that are willing to take anyone on as a client. When switching providers you want someone who cares about your system and your business as much as you do.

Getting an audit of your current system and speaking to the IT consultant afterwards is going to give you a feel if they would be a good fit for your company or not. If someone can look at your system and make recommendations on how to improve it then there is a good chance they know what they are talking about.  

If someone offers you IT support without looking at your system on the other hand there is a good chance that if there is a problem down the road they may not know how to fix it in a timely manner. It also shows you that a company like this is just looking to get as many clients on their books to make a profit, rather than caring for the clients they have.  

Companies that offer IT support without looking at the existing system will also find it difficult to offer any advice on improving your infrastructure which could improve your companies efficiency.

Document everything

For a smooth transition, we would recommend documenting your system, any common problems and login credentials that are needed to take over the control of your system. If you don’t provide these to your new supplier you will have downtime which is something you will want to avoid.

You will also want to send over any files or documents that your old provider may have on your system, this will help to fix any known problems or will allow your new IT technicians to have more background information on your system.

Providing your new supplier with as much documentation you have on your system and processes is only going to help them to maintain your network, make improvements and have a good foundation from the start. If you have documents like this you must share them with your new supplier.

Before moving, consider any legal documents you may have signed.

When signing up to IT support you may have signed up to long contracts, if this is the case you should check them before contacting other support companies as you may still have years left on your contracts.

On the other hand, by checking your legal documents you may have a way to exit your existing contract without paying if your supplier isn’t living up to their end of the deal.  


A good IT support company should be proactive and should stop problems before they can occur. Of course, this doesn’t always happen and when it doesn’t a good IT support company should be efficient in solving the problem at hand.  

If you aren’t getting the service you are paying for then it’s tempting to complain but not do anything about it simply because it seems like a lot of work to move providers. This isn’t the case and if you aren’t getting the support your business needs then you should shop around for a new IT support provider.

When shopping around make sure you get an audit of your current system so you can make sure your new provider understands your system and any problems it may have before signing up to IT support.

At Firewall Technical we have been providing tech support to Ottawa businesses for many years and have helped both small and enterprise-level businesses with their IT support. If you would like a free quote or would like to speak to one of our IT consultants get in touch with us today. Switching IT providers isn’t as hard as it seems and Firewall Technical can make the whole process as smooth as possible.