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Six Technologies Your Startup is Missing

Technology has never been more important in the business world, and startups are not at all excluded in that statement. New technologies allow business owners to optimize their time and money to reach new markets, and this potential is invaluable to entrepreneurs looking to make a name for their business as well. For those startups, here are six of the best technologies you should take a look at.


It can seem mundane at first but do not underestimate the value of a good note-taking software. There is so much involved in starting up a new business, and you should be prepared to take clean, organized notes as you get everything together. Evernote allows notes to be annotated, edited, and even placed directly into search engines, which is an invaluable tool for any startup.

Google Drive

This will be the biggest name on this list by far and has such a huge reputation for a reason. Google Drive allows startups to store their files on a cloud and access them virtually anywhere. This flexibility is absolutely necessary for any entrepreneur trying to work its way into the market without being bogged down by folder upon folder taking up their computer’s memory.


Most startups begin with small teams, and Trello is absolutely perfect for teams. It shows all current projects, who is operating on them, and what is being done to them. Trello allows for unheard of levels of cohesion in business and can make your projects more streamlined and more accessible across your networks.


Expensify is an online financial service that keeps track of all business expenses. This is nothing short of a miracle for most entrepreneurs and will be greatly appreciated when the startup gets into tax season. Expensify gives startups the financial know-how necessary to survive in the business world early on.


Getting your name out there is likely the hardest part of starting up, which is exactly what MailChimp is designed to help with. They assist their members with marketing campaigns and in June of 2014, sent out more than 10 billion emails on behalf of their clients. That is some serious exposure any startup would kill to have.


Social media plays a vital role in the development of a business, and nobody knows this better than startups trying to create a social media presence. HootSuite helps businesses manage their social media across a variety of platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more. This is a blessing for startups that struggle to manage their various social media accounts, but still, understand the importance of keeping current online.

With these various technologies, any startup will be ready to grow their brand and start succeeding in their field. These cover almost every aspect of beginning a business, and should not be overlooked by startups that are struggling to keep everything organized and get their name out to the public. Have your company utilize IT services in Ottawa to make sure your new programs work properly without bugs. Every startup can and should benefit from these technologies. The help is out there, so use it!