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6 Tech Disasters That Can Bring Operations To A Halt

Today’s companies that depend upon computer resources sometimes encounter devastating crisis situations. These IT disasters can bring business operations to a halt. It’s important to be aware of these potential problems so your business can handle the issue quickly and efficiently.

Failure to Back Up Databases

Failing to regularly backup databases poses a problem for companies that rely on extensive data inputs. If the company’s resources go offline suddenly, it may become necessary to perform extensive recovery efforts in order to salvage missing data. This situation entails time, delay and, usually, expense.

Spam Attacks

As the Internet grew in size, the problem of orchestrated spam attacks launched against targeted business servers gradually increased. Essentially, in this situation, hostile parties direct massive quantities of spam email to a firm in an effort to overwhelm mail server capacity. While this situation poses less of a threat today if a company maintains effective security protocols, spam can create slow email response times and hamper effective business operations.

Power Failures

In some nations, such as Venezuela and India, frequent regional power outages create IT problems for businesses. Unless a company maintains an effective alternate power source, for instance, such as a generator, overcoming sudden grid failures may prove exceedingly difficult. These incidents essentially mandate a temporary shutdown of business computer operations.

Disruptive Technologies

Depending on your business niche, disruptive new technology may interfere with the operation of your tech resources. For instance, some early search engine companies which relied upon human indexing could not sustain business activities economically after the invention of roving “spiders” that cataloged websites automatically. Similarly, following the invention of digital photography, a disruptive technology, businesses which conducted film processing found themselves forced to move into other areas of operation or risk obsolescence. In cyberspace, the development of disruptive new technologies remains a potential threat.


Recently, a phenomenon called “ransomware” has threatened business activities in many places. Technologically sophisticated organized criminal gangs sometimes hack into business computers and take them over, holding company operations hostage until a victim pays a ransom. Ransomware has become a threat because it may prove difficult or even impossible to track down cybercriminals across international borders. Sometimes businesses threatened with the destruction of data prefer to pay money to resume operations rather than reconstruct IT programs and other intellectual property destroyed by ransomware activity, which isn’t the best practice.

Virus Or Malware Activity

Viruses, trojans, worms and malicious malware programs sometimes force businesses to take computer resources offline temporarily. In the worst case scenarios, these unwelcome snippets of code use up available computer memory capacity, necessitating the use of professional repair services. Minimizing this problem by maintaining a strong anti-virus and anti-malware program on every computer usually represents a wise precaution. Using the help of Ottawa IT support companies can help you avoid these issues.

By making contingency plans in advance to handle these six types of common tech disasters, your firm will mitigate losses when a catastrophe occurs. Savvy managers cannot always prevent problems from arising. Yet planning in advance to address an IT crisis usually helps a business respond more effectively.

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