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Restrain Malware Distribution with Ottawa IT Services

The distribution or introduction of malicious software within a company network usually relies on a hacker tricking a user into opening a security loophole. The hacker intends to introduce malware by manipulating users into clicking links or opening emails which are corrupted. Hackers make this easier for themselves by observing the behavior patterns of employees and identifying vulnerable traits. Businesses in Ottawa can benefit from IT consulting services by asking them to provide security training for employees or improving standard security protocols. These standards should focus on employee behavior when online. By helping employees in Ottawa companies to learn security dos and don’ts, IT companies can help reduce the risk of malware based service interruptions.

How Malware is introduced in a Network

There are several ways which hackers can manipulate employees into taking actions which allow malware distribution.

Malicious Sites Created To Distribute Malware

The most common way in which malware is distributed is through web pages which masquerade as offering legitimate services. Hackers take advantage and create bogus sites which luring users into clicking on various items on the pages. Once a user clicks on the malware is automatically downloaded into the business network. IT companies in Ottawa can offer network support for businesses by introducing network tools which monitor all activity on the network, to try and stop malware.


Online advertisements are found on almost all web pages today. Unfortunately, clicking on some of these advertisements lead users to malware distribution sites which masquerade as blogs or other services. Malware from these pages is downloaded into the network with a click and begin compromising the security of the network.

Deceptive Downloads

Deceptive downloads can masquerade as legitimate applications or even popular applications to lure users into downloading them. These applications usually contain malicious payload code which embeds itself into the network once the application is installed. To avoid such software for businesses, recommendations should be sought from IT consulting companies in Ottawa on which sites provide legitimate application software for their users.

Hijacked Legitimate Sites

If a hacker manages to find vulnerabilities in a website which offers legitimate services, they may use them to reach a wider audience by infiltrating the networks of its users. Hackers usually target popular web pages that are used by millions of individuals so that they can distribute malware over a wide area. Businesses can be guided by network support companies in Ottawa on how to utilize the web safely so that they avoid introducing malware into company networks.