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What is remote IT support?

remote it support

With more of the world moving to the work at home model we are seeing more businesses take advantage of remote working. The IT support industry is also seeing a shift and more businesses are opting for remote IT support.

What is remote IT support?

Remote IT support is when the tech support team that you have hired access your business systems from their own offices and provide support to your staff.

If you are considering hiring a managed service provider then a good one should be able to provide you with remote support as well as in house support. We will discuss why this is important further down the article.

The benefits of remote support services

Remote support services can provide many benefits to a business, because they are remote they can monitor your systems from afar looking out for any problems that may arise. When they do arise a remote support IT team can act quickly and provide support without any long response times.

With that said, remote support services shouldn’t be the only support you sign up for, in our opinion, you will always need in house services and support too as if there are any hardware or networking issues you will need someone on the ground to put the fixes in place so that your business can still run efficiently.

Remote support is also efficient and affordable for smaller businesses as you get access to a team of experts for the fraction of the cost that it would take to hire just one IT support technician.

Remote IT support can help improve a companies productivity too by maintaining their systems and acting quickly when a problem occurs. Ole support systems would require you to log a ticket and then have someone from support get around to you when they can. It could then take longer for a support technician to be sent out to fix the problem. Meanwhile, your staff have had to stop working.

With remote IT support, this isn’t the case and problems can be logged often via an online ticket or chat system and a member of the remote support team will then jump on the problem straight away fixing it remotely.

If a problem can’t be fixed remotely then the problem will be escalated and a technician will be sent out to fix the problem.

Another advantage of remote support is that it offers around the clock support for when something does go wrong. For example, if you have an in house IT support team and they finish at 5 pm and there is a problem with your computer systems after that then your systems could be down until the next morning.

With remote IT support you get around the clock IT support from multiple experts so if there is a problem it gets fixed quickly.

Will remote support stop the need for in house support?

In our opinion, there will always be a need for in house support as hardware problems need to be fixed on-site. Not everything can be fixed remotely so think of remote support as an additional benefit to your IT support.

At Firewall Technical we can provide remote IT support as well as on-site support in the Ottawa region. We have helped many businesses in Ottawa with their IT services and if you would like to see if we can help you too please get in touch for a free quote. One of our experts will discuss your needs and give you advice on any topics you are unsure of.


Remote IT support is another tool that can be added to your business to keep it running, keep your staff productive and give you the help and support your business needs if anything were to go wrong.

Remote support is generally operated via cloud services and as a result, it can be monitored to stop problems from occurring before they do. Remote IT support isn’t a service that’s going to stop on-site support, instead, you should think of it as additional support for your company.

If you would like to see how remote IT support or any of our additional services can benefit your business please get in touch with us today.