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Problems Companies Face without Network Support

Every part of your business depends on your network, but you might not have the skills needed to respond when something goes wrong. Large corporations have in-house IT departments that ensure their smooth operation, but companies like yours might not have sufficient resources to put such a team in place. Without network support, your business faces inevitable problems that can cost your business in terms cash and lost sales.

Software and Equipment Problems

Everyone on your team needs computers and mobile devices to run the software that makes your business thrive. Vital gear such as IP telephone systems and POS equipment must also connect to your network. Operating system and software compatibility problems and upgrades can cause unanticipated problems for your team that requires technical expertise to resolve. Even network equipment such as routers can receive firmware updates that change settings and cut off access to your internal network and the Internet. Without network support, your company can’t operate when problems occur.

Data Loss

Companies need network support to ensure they have a data recovery plan in place. Computer hard drives and network storage devices can fail without notice, taking with them decades of critical data. Thieves might break into your facility and physically steal your equipment containing valuable data. Similarly, virus and malware attacks can destroy the product of many years of hard work.

Organization Problems

Just as clutter accumulates in your company’s physical environment, it builds up on your network. Employees create tons of files including correspondence, proposals, spreadsheets and databases generated during normal operations and save them on computers, devices, network drives and in the cloud. Without organization, your team will spend more time looking for the files they need than they spend producing. Network support can help your company organize its information so that everyone can find the files they need and get to work.

Security Breaches

Without network support, your company could become vulnerable to vicious attacks that can destroy your business overnight. Hackers feed a booming black market that sells the personal information of customers, including payment and financial details, to the highest bidder. Attacks on your company can destroy your reputation and leave you liable for damages. Cyber criminals also go after your accounting data and trade secrets, hoping to sell the information to your competitors. Therefore you need to make sure that your Microsoft server is secure at all times or these security breaches could destroy your business.

Lost Business

Network problems cause your company to lose business. Callers will hang up and call your competitors when they can’t get through to you because of problems with your IP phone system. Similarly, your team can’t complete deliverables on time when disorganization slows their progress. Customers whose who became victims of identity theft because of your lack of network support will tell the world about their experience with your company and start buying from a firm that operates a secure network. All the problems you face without network support lead to lost business that you might never recover.

Operating without network support leaves your company vulnerable to severe problems that result in lost business. Stop taking chances with your business by getting the network support you need today.