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Understand and Avoid Phishing Lures

Phishing is a form of cybercrime which involves hackers posing as legitimate and reputable organizations. They do this in an attempt to lure victims into accessing malicious content which would compromise network security. While it is a slightly old technique, phishing can be used in conjunction with social engineering constructs to manipulate users into accessing bogus sites which leave company networks vulnerable to attacks. There are many ways in which users can be lured into phishing traps. Therefore, it is essential that businesses seek the counsel of IT consulting companies in Ottawa, to protect their business IT assets. These entities help businesses learn what to watch out for and how to prevent phishing attacks from damaging their networks.

Types of Phishing

All phishing methods revolve around the concept of attempting to gain access to or acquire information from and about clients. However, there are many ways which hackers can use to acquire this information. We have illustrated the three main techniques that are used.

Spear Phishing

Spear phishing involves a detailed investigation into a user’s behavior and lifestyle. Before sending a prompt message to a user, the hacker takes their time to learn about a users preferences and study their daily habits. They then use this data to formulate the most convincing message to send the user. For instance, if the user is a regular in a restaurant or coffee shop, hackers who have gained access to that network can send an email to them informing them of a coupon deal or a new recipe. These emails are usually sent with a malicious link attached. Emails from unknown domains should be eyed with great suspicion, especially if they are very close in format or spelling to a known trusted domain.

Clone Phishing

With clone phishing, hackers target clients by using recently sent emails to send their malicious data. They acquire a recently sent email to a client; edit it by adding links to malicious content within the message and resending the email to the user. This kind of phishing can be very effective.


Whaling is similar to spear phishing except it targets individuals of a high rank within a business or network. These may include top officials or high profile clients in a business. The technique used is the same as the one for spear phishing.
Phishing is considered a great hazard among businesses even today. It has the potential of causing great damages on a business profile. Businesses in Ottawa are encouraged to seek support from IT companies in Ottawa. These companies can assist with selecting a variety of hardware and software based tools to reduce the risks of phishing attacks.