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Why outsourcing IT Services for your Ottawa Business makes sense

Ottawa has always been a vital hub for business, tracing back to the city’s establishment in 1855. The name Ottawa actually comes from the Algonquin word “adawe”; Translated into english this word literally means “to trade”. Ottawa is still synonymous with business today, and as a business owner you need to know what steps have to be taken to ensure your company reaches its full potential. 

Running a successful business means thinking out every move carefully, and one of the most important decisions you’ll make is deciding how you will handle your IT service needs. It may seem like a no-brainer: you’ll just establish a department in-house, right?

In-house IT is not the best choice

Unfortunately, this is one of the least efficient options you could choose. Establishing an in-house IT department comes with a distinct set of risks and can make your company liable to service interruptions. Having a lapse in your IT services can mean a complete halt of your business: Employees will be helpless, customers will be angry, and you will lose money. 

Depending on an internal IT department increases your chances of interruptions occurring. The more sensible choice is to outsource your Ottawa IT services. You have probably heard the word “outsourcing” before, but it may not be exactly what you think. 

What exactly is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing gets a bad wrap, with the word conjuring up negative images of budget call centers in distant 3rd world countries. But the word “outsourcing” really just means hiring an external company to take care of an issue that you could technically do in-house.

Think of it like this: You can cook a meal at home, taking the painstaking time to teach yourself for a possibly subpar result. Or, you could “outsource” that job to a trained chef at a restaurant, where you’re guaranteed to get a delicious meal. The same is true when you utilize external Ottawa tech support; Sure you may be able to solve some IT issues yourself, but you’ll get a much better outcome by outsourcing to trained professionals. 

As a business owner or team member, you understand this process perfectly. You and your staff are experts in the products and services you provide, and customers come to you because they can’t solve their problems on their own; Outsourcing your IT services is no different. When you come to professionals you get a robust set of benefits you just can’t get from an in-house department.

2 major ways your business benefits from outsourced Ottawa IT services

There are a variety of benefits that your business will experience from outsourcing to an Ottawa IT support company: From lowering your operating costs to saving you valuable time, outsourcing can be an incredible boost to your business’s revenue and productivity. Here are two major benefits you’ll see if you choose to outsource your Ottawa IT services.

1. You’ll Save Money

Hiring, training, and maintaining a competent in-house IT is an incredibly expensive ongoing process. With the current labor shortage, finding IT professionals that are not already attached to a company can be very difficult. 

Getting them to switch to your team means offering large salaries with a good set of benefits, and you’ll need to continuously feed them incentives to keep them on the line. This can be extremely frustrating and slowly sap money from your profit margin.

Instead of the headache of shifting variable costs you can instead save money by outsourcing to an Ottawa tech support company. While the exact amount you’ll save depends on what services your company requires, you won’t have to worry about the hiring or training costs; Those activities won’t be your responsibility. You’ll simply contact the company and they’ll handle the rest.

2. You’ll Save Time

In addition to avoiding the cost of hiring and training, you’ll also avoid the time those activities soak up. Even when hiring college-educated employees with degrees in IT they’ll still need extensive training to understand how to function in an actual workplace. 

As we said above, the market for experienced IT specialists is incredibly competitive. IT specialists are in high demand, and the time your company will take focusing on the hiring process is better spent focusing on other areas of your operations.

Wouldn’t it be easier to leave all of this in the hands of a trusted Ottawa business IT support company? When you outsource, you save countless hours of sifting through resumes and get the IT help you need right away. Why spend more money and time for an in-house department when you could have your problem solved much more efficiently?

Why outsource to a company in Ottawa and not in a developing nation?

You may be thinking “Well if I’m trying to save money, why not ship my work overseas?” While you may save a small percentage more by doing this, outsourcing to a developing nation would be a massive mistake. 

For one, when you choose Ottawa managed services, you get a company that understands the area you live and work. They know your customer base and the local business climate,and will be that much better at providing optimized IT support.

Communication will also be easier and more efficient with an Ottawa IT support company. When you work with a company in your city, you can speak the same primary language and operate in the same time zone. You don’t want to deal with the hassle of setting up a call when it’s morning in Ottawa while it’s the middle of the night for your external IT. The ability to get good customer support when outsourcing is vital to effective communication and business operation.

What if I want on-site IT support?

That’s another disadvantage when outsourcing to a company located in a different country or continent: No on-site support. When you have Ottawa managed services taking care of your IT needs, you can get a service specialist to physically come in and help deal with specific issues. 

This just isn’t possible when your IT support is located outside of Canada. If a problem is too frustrating to be taken care of remotely, wouldn’t it be easier to just have a trained professional come directly in? When you outsource to Ottawa IT services that incredibly convenient option is available.

What is the best Ottawa Business IT support company to choose?

If you want highly-trained professionals and 24/7 assistance, You’ll want to choose Firewall Technical. We have the tools to improve your network infrastructure and servers, while maintaining the systems that are vital to helping your business thrive. From cloud services to IT security, our expertise will help store and protect your data so you can operate efficiently and without worry. 

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