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Managed Anti-Spam Services

Managed Anti-Spam Services

A company’s profit is based on the efficiency by which results are achieved. When your employees waste time every day separating junk email from legitimate business communications, efficiency is compromised. Junk email slows down your servers and networks, making it more difficult to efficiently process legitimate email. As efficiency decreases, so do your profit.

Prevent Unwanted Spam

Firewall Technical’s Managed Anti-Spam Services will filter unsolicited email or “spam,” prevent bottlenecks in your network infrastructure and ensure greater productivity for employees who are not distracted by unwanted and often offensive mail.

We also monitor which email may be attempting to attack the security of your IT environment. Often employees may click a link in an email with the best of intentions, unaware that this type of email is an attack against their privacy or an attack against the integrity of your IT systems.

Anti-spam services stay up to date on the most recent threats and filter them, before they ever reach your inbox. Emails are still available in your spam folder, for you to filter through. But now you and your team should be aware that they may have a harmful intent.

Sophisticated, fast and seamless, Firewall Technical anti-spam services feature –

  • A real time blacklist
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Inbound and outbound filtering at your discretion
  • Full support from the Firewall Technical team
  • Cloud or premises based
  • Virus and malware protection

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