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Colocated And/Or Production Server Audit

Colocated And/Or Production Server Audit

In new production environments, such as environments in which servers are being relocated to new hosting facilities or in situations where Firewall Technical is assuming management responsibilities for servers, a server audit is a sound first step.

The results of the audit will serve as a guide to establishing best practices in a forward-looking management plan.

During a Server Audit, We Evaluate the Following:

  • System architecture
  • Configurations
  • Data requiring backups
  • Backup protocols — frequency, location, type of backup
  • Status of backup tapes — 50% of backup tapes fail
  • System metrics such as disk space/use, memory available/use, CPU utilization levels
  • Firmware status on routers / firewalls and relevant peripherals
  • System monitoring protocols, monitoring strengths/weaknesses
  • OS status, including security patches
  • Application status, including updates
  • What hardware should be monitored and how
  • What applications should be monitored and how
  • Firewall security settings
  • Document hardware specifications
  • Identify likely failure points