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Network Support in Ottawa

Network Support in Ottawa

Our network support services aim to make sure your users and your company can communicate and access data and services when and where needed. At the same time we want to maintain a secure and safe environment for you. Maintaining your network properly will allow you to have maximum productivity and will reduce long term service costs.

Our Ottawa Network Support Service Includes:

Firewall Technical network support services assist with building your network, maintaining it in top working condition, and protecting it against internal and external threats. We can assist with troubleshooting, adding users, or creating secure subnets within your network for specific purposes.

We provide best in class equipment including switches, routers and network access devices from Cisco, Sonicwall, Frontier, Avaya, D-Link, Juniper, Rukus Wireless, Brocade, Dell and Belkin.

Firewall Technical is also able to assist with the physical structure of your network by building or adjusting your wiring and cabling infrastructure.

To maintain your network in top working condition we perform a number of routine tasks. Routine review of logs, and configuration tables ensures that the use of your network is for its intended purposes. We can also periodically review network access control tables to verify users. Firewall can also assist with helping you put in place best practices for network access passwords, and remote access requirements.

Firewall Technical also provides a number of automated systems to maintain your network in top flight condition. These include network access penetration testing, network inventory management and capacity utilization tracking.