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Ottawa Managed IT Services

Ottawa Managed IT Services

Managed IT services allow businesses to transfer the burden of particular IT operations to an external service provider. They provide technical services to assess, maintain and improve their client’s IT infrastructure. As such, managed service providers oversee preventative and ongoing IT maintenance as well as critical monitoring and management for specified IT operations. Such a provider is also responsible for resolving any IT issues that may arise.

Reliable Managed IT Services in Ottawa

At Firewall Technical, our dedicated Ottawa Managed IT services team will provide your organization with comprehensive IT solutions. We offer server management services such as server monitoring, backup and disaster recovery, hardware and software installation, and so on. In addition, we offer managed desktop services which allow businesses to keep their systems up to date with the latest Microsoft patches. Through our managed firewall service, we are able to monitor network and internet access to ensure that your organization’s data and network(s) are secure. We also filter unsolicited email (spam) through our managed anti-spam services.

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The Advantages of Ottawa Managed IT Service Provider

The majority of organizations are now dependent on technology to perform daily tasks. While larger businesses may have the resources to support an internal technical support team, smaller businesses may not have the ability to invest in such a luxury.

Smaller organizations operate more efficiently when internal resources are devoted to core business activities. Without a technical support team, core business operations will undoubtedly be interrupted by IT operations. As such, it is important for small businesses to consider outsourcing IT operations to a professionally managed service provider, like Firewall Technical.

It does not take long for a business to fall behind on IT maintenance. If a business fails to keep up with things such as patches, backups, upgrades or security it can quickly result in numerous issues. IT outages or other costly IT issues can seriously harm a business. To give an example, a faulty email server or network failure can result in a loss in income and a loss in productivity.

By outsourcing daily IT duties, a business will free up its internal resources and reduce the number of IT-related business interruptions.