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Desktop Preventive & Ongoing Maintenance

Desktop Preventive & Ongoing Maintenance

We have three different approaches to managing your work queue:

1.Ticket priority

Issues are resolved in order of severity and user impact, with users or your administrator issuing service requests and all requests being resolved.

2.Sequential priority

Issues are resolved in the order the service requests are received. Older issues are resolved first.

3.Budget priority

At each scheduled service, we will examine issues with your administrator, assign priorities to each service request and resolve as many issues as possible within the allocated service budget. This approach is an excellent way of making sure that budget dollars are allocated to the highest priority items on an ongoing basis. Less critical items are then deferred until such time as a window opens in your budget.

Ongoing Maintenance of Your Desktop Infrastructure Includes:

  • Resolution of user problems
  • New user set up
  • Workstation set up and deployment
  • Software installations and updates
  • Migration of users from old to new desktop/laptop
  • Microsoft Outlook configuration
  • Maintenance and update of malware and virus protection
  • OS patching including Windows updates
  • Application Patching
  • Security Patching
  • Printer installation and support.
  • ERD (Emergency Recovery Disc)
  • Desktop data backup
  • Email backup
  • Firmware updates
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Hardware upgrades