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Ottawa IT Support Services

Ottawa IT Support Services

Firewall Technical provides clients with a range of Ottawa IT support services to assess, maintain and improve their IT infrastructure. Today – that includes maintaining both your fixed infrastructure at the office and, for road warriors, your mobile office infrastructure.

Why Ottawa IT Support from Firewall Technical is The Right Choice for Your Company

In the sea of competition, it can be tough for an IT support company to stand out from the crowd. Firewall Technical has done just that by providing top-notch Ottawa IT Support services for many different companies.

We have worked with a variety of clients in Canada and beyond to get priceless experience with tech support, managed IT services, security, maintenance, and much more. We provide access to a big number of specialists to assist with a variety of problems.

As an Ottawa IT support company, we learn the needs of each company we work with to provide the highest quality services round the clock. With our support, you can be sure that your company is getting all it needs to stay on top of its game.

Our specialists provide the best IT support in Ottawa. We’ve worked with numerous clients to gain priceless experience in different niches. Regardless of the size of your company or its specialization, we can help take care of all IT needs.

From basic tech support and cabling to IT security and cloud services, we are always ready to help your business grow, develop, and outrun the competition.

Our Ottawa IT Support Services:

Desktop Support in Ottawa

Desktops are the cornerstone of any business’ IT infrastructure, though they can sometimes bring about problems that may halt business activities. Our desktop support will help minimize any issues with your end stations.


Networks are the backbone of all communications within an organization, and their complexity tends to be a haven for trouble. Our network support can help reduce the slow down that these issues cause. Ultimately helping your business run as smoothly as possible.

Desktop & Network Emergency Response

The sooner your issue is resolved, the sooner your business can go back to doing what it does best. Our desktop and network emergency response is there for when those mission critical systems are down, to ensure your end stations and networking devices are operational as quickly as possible.

Server Management & Support

Managing servers can be a complex task and considering servers most-commonly host a business’s website, they play a vital role in customer relations. Our server management and support services help ensure that the underlying hardware and software of your website is performing as it should.

Managed Services

Sometimes a company does not have the resources to dedicate staff to particular IT operations, and sometimes there are not enough operations to warrant a new hire. Our managed services provide your business with on-hand professionals, to address any IT related needs within your organization.

Microsoft Exchange Services

Outlook is a must have tool for any business, but installation and maintenance can require dedicated workers. Our Microsoft Exchange services provide your business with everything it needs for an Exchange implementation tailored to your business’ needs.

Data Back-up

Data is the prized gem in the IT world and in the event of a critical IT failure or breach, the only solace can come from knowing that your business’ data has been backed-up. Our data back-up service provides you with this piece of mind, both on and off-site so when disaster strikes your business can continue operations as soon as possible.

Cloud Services

There are endless possibilities of moving to the cloud for both niche businesses and large enterprises. Firewall Technical will help you harness the power of cloud computing and deliver scalable, secure, cost efficient IT infrastructure for increased convenience and collaboration.

Full Ottawa IT Support from Firewall Technical

At Firewall Technical, we give you a choice of different collaboration options. You can either choose some of our IT services or take advantage of full IT support in Ottawa. This all-encompassing service can help you forget about such minor things as software updates and setup as well as rely on professionals to keep your data safe.

If your company doesn’t have an IT department or if the team is overwhelmed with other projects, hiring Firewall Technical can help you save time, money, and effort while receiving top-notch services.