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Server Management and Support

Server Management and Support

Information technology has changed the way modern businesses operate. Technology has created new forms of communication, allowed for more efficient business, automated manual operations, and so much more. Servers are often the core of a business computer network. A server acts not only as a space for business documents, but it can also control how documents are retrieved. In addition, servers protect the entire network. For this reason, it is critical that your server is operating smoothly.

Why Firewall Technical?

At Firewall Technical, we offer server audit, server maintenance & emergency response services. Please follow the links below for more information on each of these services:

Our server management involves a series of workflows, checks, and balances that contribute to the overall health of a server. To begin, we examine what hardware and software should be monitored and how we identify probable failure points in your servers, we check the status of firmware, and so much more.

As we continue managing your servers, we diligently craft specific maintenance approaches to meet the needs of each client. Every month we will login to each server and check hardware usage, OS health, key log files, as well as anti-virus software. We make certain that backups are running properly, we make recommendations for hardware upgrades, and we ensure that the server monitoring processes are functioning correctly. In addition, we supervise data flow and transfer, security and routing information, and we address service requests from clients.

Reliable Ottawa IT Support

As a reliable IT company, we are quick to employ security and application patches and employ file storage management and data duplication services. We strive to keep your business information safe. Our tech support team is committed to the daily success of your operations.

To ensure your servers are always protected, we build and maintain monthly images of each server so that the server can be easily rebuilt in the event of a disaster. In the case of a server crash or other similar emergencies, Firewall Technical will provide you with a cost-effective emergency response and restoration to make sure you get your server back to optimal performance.

Our IT support staff does so much more than simply answer questions. We fix and replace damaged equipment, and do everything we can to attend the overall health and upkeep of your server. Our knowledge and expertise will prove to be an invaluable commodity to your business and operations. Our skilled tech support is the best defense against viruses, hostile agents, and sever degradation. Interested? Contact our IT service specialists for more information.

Responsive Server Support for Ottawa Businesses

If you are experiencing server issues our IT support team can help in a number of ways.

First, we provide immediate response IT service either through remote access or on the phone. In most cases, we are able to walk you through the process over the telephone and have your server back up and running immediately. However, when diagnosis by telephone does not work, we are able to log in remotely to direct further analysis and find a resolution. You will be able to observe the process and communicate with us every step of the way.

If our immediate response IT service fails, we will dispatch our highly skilled support technicians to your facility. Our technicians will personally work with you to assess the situation and develop a plan for resolution.

In all of the above scenarios, if there is an emergency (for instance, if a server has shut down), we will drop any non-emergency services to address your situation. Onsite or remotely, our IT support specialists will do everything possible to get your server working.