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Ottawa Computer Services & Desktop Support

Ottawa Computer Services & Desktop Support

Desktop and laptops are the front-end of your IT infrastructure, where most users do their work. Whenever you or your employees have issues with this part of your infrastructure, Firewall Technical, will resolve issues in a timely manner and cost effective manner.

The goal of our desktop support services is to ensure your desktop infrastructure allows users to do their work without problems, annoyances, productivity slowdowns or security and data risks.

Desktop Support Services Include:

Desktop Audit

Desktop audits ensure that your end stations are running smoothly and securely by evaluating performance, permissions and level of patching. Auditing services identify which systems are creating bottlenecks in your environment, and what is needed to fix them.

Desktop Tune-Up

Desktop Tune-Up brings your hardware back up to a performance standard that you are satisfied with. We can speed up sluggish machines, enhacne security and increase your business productivity.

Desktop Preventative & Ongoing Maintenance

Preventative and Ongoing Maintenance for desktops, ensures that your desktop and laptop environments remain as efficient, secure and productive as possible. Instead of dealing with problems after the fact, we make every effort to maintain dsektop/laptop efficiency on an a regular basis. This service includes, patching, anti-malware updates, security updates, and resolving issues as they happen. This service can be purchased on a flat fee or managed basis.