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Backup and Synchronization

Backup and Synchronization

Backup & Synchronization for Mobile Office

An effective backup and synchronization service for your mobile device is crucial. Considering the amount of important and sensitive information that is often found on most mobile devices, such services should not be underestimated. In the event of a lost, stolen or broken device, system crash or any other issue that may put your data at risk, backup services can effectively retrieve and protect your information.

The mobile office backup and synchronization services offered by Firewall Technical provide high quality solutions that minimize the time and effort required to secure your data, files and other information. The following is a list of a few of our services:

  • Backup Blackberry / PDA
  • Synchronize contacts
  • Synchronize calendar
  • On-site and remote laptop backup
  • Laptop and Blackberry asset tracking
  • Global roaming configuration for Blackberry

Synchronizing Contacts & Calendar

Mobile devices are widely used to (1) stay in touch and (2) stay organized. Our high quality IT services ensure that important information, such as your contact and calendar data, is accessible from numerous devices.

Our synchronization services make your appointments, contact details and other scheduling information available from your smartphone, laptop and even your desktop. This means if you lose or break your phone, it is still possible to access this information.

On-Site & Remote Laptop Backup

By working with Firewall Technical, you are guaranteed access to a more versatile range of solutions and services. Although on-site services may be required for larger, more complex projects, such services may not always be an option. With remote services, Firewall Technical can meet your needs, no matter your location or your schedule.

Protect your Device with Asset Tracking

With asset tracking, you may recover your Blackberry, laptop or other devices in the event that is becoming lost, misplaced or stolen. This investment allows clients to avoid the more substantial expense of completely replacing the original device. Such services can be of great benefit for frequent travelers, professionals & anyone who is interested in easily keeping track of their devices.

Global Roaming Configuration for BlackBerry

By properly configuring your device before traveling, you can avoid the sizable expense that many providers charge customers when visiting new service areas. Firewall Technical will ensure that you can make the most out of your communications options and opportunities, regardless of your location.

Superior Convenience with Professional Service

At Firewall Technical, our professional staff can provide you superior results and a more convenient level of service. We will minimize the effort, hassle and time necessary to make the most out of your mobile devices. Our IT solutions can provide you with the easiest and most effective means to protect your smartphone and PDA, as well as the data you have come to depend upon.