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Keep Software Secure with Network Upgrades

The most vulnerable part of any network is the software. As long as it is online, every kind of software installed on company machines is constantly connected. Therefore, they are constantly able to send and receive data. Over a period of time, software builds become vulnerable because loopholes, which can be exploited by hackers, are discovered. This is why software requires constant updates. Businesses in Ottawa can maintain their software security by allowing IT companies in Ottawa to perform checks and updates regularly.

Updates with Security in Mind

The problem with failing to upgrade software systems on time is that the vulnerabilities that were in the previous version become public information. Once hackers get hold of this information they can use it to exploit any network which runs on the older software. Upgrades ensure the installation of new definitions and patches for these bugs which make the software safer to use. Because updates are meant to make software better, they increase the effectiveness of the installed software. This makes the software more robust and alert to error and possible malicious activity. Software such as antivirus is always updating their definitions for malware which enables them to isolate even more potentially dangerous installed systems. Network support companies in Ottawa can assist with evaluating your software infrastructure and advising you on what software vulnerabilities might exist.

Updating Proprietary Software

If an IT consulting company has been given the task to develop a business-specific application for a business in Ottawa, that software should periodically be evaluated for security loopholes. Your IT support company can also assist with the constant evaluation, troubleshooting, and updates. Considering that they are proprietary, this software contains the most sensitive business information and processes. Therefore, updates are necessary to ensure continual protection.

Shifting from Older to Newer Versions

For most purchased software, it would only take a simple download, installation and reboot of the computer to complete the process of updating. Tailor-made software, however, requires rigorous testing to ensure that the new security definitions that come with the software do not interfere with the functioning of the whole software or leave parts of it vulnerable. IT companies should proactively ensure the safety of new updates. Once the updates have been tested and approved, installations can be made on all computers and the software will be safe to use.