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Most Common Technology Issues in the Workplace

In recent years, most workplaces have experienced a technological outburst. However, the technology is also faced with a myriad of challenges. Even the most secure machine can experience failing hardware, buggy software and even an occasional loose wire. Things like this can eventually cause productivity to halt in a workplace. In this write-up, we focus on the five most common technology issues in a workplace.

Illegal Software

As a result of software piracy, most companies face legal risk. Companies that grow rapidly or those that are consistent in acquiring new hardware tend to have a hard time maintaining software licenses. A company becomes a licensed user, not the owner. For that reason, there are profound ramifications. Employees’ actions can quickly get a company to be held liable under the law. For instance, if an employee downloads and installs illegal software in the company’s computer the material becomes copyright infringement whether the management was aware or not. Also, there are companies that find it a cost effective means to pirate certain copies of things like MS Office and other programs. Although pirated copies could save any company a lot of money on the licensing fee, credit terms, and allow the company to run smoothly; this act could lead to severe penalties.

Inadequate Power Protection

A simple surge or power outage could quickly lead to damage in the company’s electronic components. It could also result in loss of critical data. When consistent, surges could eventually shorten the lifespan of printers, computers as well as other equipment. Deploying battery backup devices for PCs and quality power strips is a wise move. It is advisable to make use of technology professionals to ensure that all servers are connected to uninterruptible power supplies.

Lockups and Freezes

Lockups and freezes are very common in workplaces. Such occurrences are often caused by a software problem. It also happens as a result of too many open programs. Each active program takes several resources from the computer to keep running. When too many programs are open, the computer ends up freezing when low on resources. Corrupted or outdated drivers could also lead to this problem.

Wrong Use Of Social Media and Taking Tech Off The Table

Social media poses a certain set of challenges in workplaces. Employees may find it a right to post any item or detail on social media based on freedom of speech and privacy. However, when it comes to social media conduct of employees, a company should have a say. If the behavior of one employee on social media poses harm to other colleagues in the workplace, there could be a basis for legal action. Without a certain policy of tracking down harmful engagement, employees negatively affect the workplace environment. Overuse of technology is also evident where employees check and respond to texts and emails even in meetings. Such a trend changes the dynamic of the discussion and lowers productivity because key details are missed.


Whenever there is a transition of technology, the way processes are implemented by the company change. The largest barrier to the success of the projects is resistance to change by employees. Such resistance if often legitimate in processes that are not monitored by the company’s leadership. For that reason, some companies introduce certain policies in relation to technology initiatives.

Overall, technology issues are not uncommon in the workplace. Luckily, there are so many different things you can do to help avoid them. However, technology problems are not completely unavoidable. That is why there are professionals out there to help you fix this kind of problems right away. Workers, such as those with IT services Ottawa, can help you get your technology back on track in no time.