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IT Support Kanata

IT Support Kanata

Our IT support services in Kanata can help your business get through any technical challenges that it may face.

At Firewall Technical we have helped many businesses in Kanata with these challenges and have built up an excellent reputation, some businesses would even say we are the best company providing Ottawa IT Services.

Our team of experts are friendly, knowledgeable and care about your business. We make sure to learn the ins and outs of your business so we can recommend the right products and services for you.

We have provided our services in areas such as Nepean, Gloucester and Goulbourn for many years and whatever industry you work in we have the tools and knowledge to create a bespoke solution for your business.

Why hire an IT Support company in Kanata?

It would be great if technology worked all the time without any hiccups, but the truth is it doesn’t take much for a computer network to come to a halt especially if it hasn’t been set up correctly in the first place.

Small bottlenecks in a system can cost a company thousands or even millions and having someone to help with your system can not only give you peace of mind but it can also make your business more profitable.

If you need help with setting up your business systems or think something isn’t set up right or you are worried about keeping your client’s data secure that is where we can help.

At firewall Technical we provide the following services to Kanata businesses:

  • Managed Desktop Services
  • Managed Servers and System Admin
  • Managed Firewall Protection
  • Anti-Spam Services
  • Cloud Services
  • On and off location backups.
  • Virtual server set up
  • and much more.

In house support vs outsourcing

Should you build a team of computer experts or should you outsource your IT needs to a company such as Firewall Technical? The truth is different businesses will have different needs. Your needs will be completely different from another business that might contact us.

For example, enterprise companies may see the advantages of training a big team of technical support staff so they can have them on-site at all times. However smaller businesses may not want to hire 10+ computer experts to work on their business. For some, this simply won’t be profitable.

Outsourcing your IT services can save you a lot of money and allows you access to different experts in different areas. If you were to hire 1 all-around tech person they may be an expert in cloud computing but they may not have adequate knowledge when it comes to network security.

Outsourcing your IT gives you access to many different experts so if you ever need help you can work with someone in that field to fix your problems at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time member of staff.

Get in touch

If you would like to learn more about our managed IT services in Kanata or if you have any questions and would just like to talk to someone about the right tech choices for your business please get in touch with us.

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