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Ottawa IT Security

Ottawa IT Security Services & Cyber Security Solutions

Firewall Technical is able to assist you with evaluating your IT security needs, designing and implementing a devices and practices to secure your data, and make sure only those users intended to use valuable IT services, actually do so. Our Ottawa IT Security solutions integrate a combination of hardware devices like Firewalls, with solutions such as malware protection, and antivirus protections to prevent intrusions at the network perimeter as well as at the end user device level.

IT and cyber security is becoming a more and more important business issue, even for small business owners. There is a content stream of attacks from foreign entities engaged in the theft of intellectual property, and trying to gain access to financial.

Firewall Technical Ottawa IT Security Company can assist you with all aspects of maintaining a secure IT environment.

All Firewall Technical staff are required to maintain a valid government issued security clearance. Security clearances are provided by PWGSC, a department of the federal government of Canada.

We can assist you with secure disposal of your data devices, access control systems, data security, and implementing best practices for your environment.

In addition we are able to scrub devices using government protocols of your choice, best on your regulatory requirements. We offer Gutnam, U.S. DoD 5220-22, RCMP TSSIT, Schneier, HMG ISS, U.S. Air Force 5020, U.S. Army AR380-19, PseudoRandom Data.