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Is 100 Percent Network Uptime Possible?

Why Is Maximizing Network Uptime So Important?

Uptime is when a network is up and running as it should be as opposed to downtime, which is when it is not. As a result, an Ottawa-based business should strive to maximize its network uptime for a couple of reasons. First, since most businesses have become reliant on their networks, maximizing uptime means preventing the loss of revenue from their revenue-earning operations coming to a stop. Second, downtime can alienate not just the business’s own personnel but also its customers, its partners, and its other stakeholders, meaning that prolonged downtime can do much to damage its prospects in the long run. Summed up, it is clear that Ottawa-based businesses should want 100 percent network uptime, even if that means seeking out Ottawa tech support to make that possible.

Is 100 Percent Network Uptime Possible?

However, it is important to point out that 100 percent network uptime is much easier said than done. In part, this is because network administrators have to struggle with numerous threats on a regular basis, with common examples including but not limited to hackers, malware, software defects, and hardware defects. As a result, even the best providers of Ottawa managed services can let something slip through from time to time, particularly when they have insufficient resources to meet all of the demands placed upon them. However, it should also be noted that a lot of these problems are beyond the control of the network administrators, with common examples ranging from natural disasters to vendor downtime. This means that while businesses should never stop striving for 100 percent network uptime, they should also be prepared for when their networks go down so that they can minimize the impact.
There are numerous examples of how this can be done with the right network support. For example, most businesses will have back-ups that can be used to restore their systems when they become infected with something that cannot be fixed for a short period of time. Likewise, some businesses will use cloud-based software-as-a-service so that their personnel can continue working on other Internet-capable devices, while other businesses will store their most important information on cloud networks so that no single natural disaster can bring down the whole of their infrastructure. In the end, Ottawa-based businesses that want to maximize their uptime should figure out the biggest threats to their networks while in consultation with Ottawa IT support before taking steps to either prevent them or minimize their potential impact.

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