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Business Network Administration – Introduction


In this set of articles, we will be talking about the functions and tasks of network administrators and how they support businesses in Ottawa.

The first article is an introduction to Network Administration, where we will be covering the fundamental responsibilities of Network Administrators, whether or not they make use of companies that provide computer services or network support in Ottawa.

What is a computer network?

A computer network is a group of two or more computing devices that are linked together through communication channels allowing for data to be exchanged between these devices.
An example of a computer network is a home Wi-Fi connection whereby all the devices in range of the Wi-Fi router are able to connect to the network and share the routers internet connection. This is known as a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).

Types of networks:

Wider Area Network: This is the connection between the client and the Internet Service Provider. This connection allows the client to connect to the World Wide Web.

Local Area Network: Includes two types of networks, namely Peer-to-peer office and Client/server networks. These networks could operate either on a wireless basis (WLAN) or via a cable connection.

Peer-to-peer Office Network: Connects two or more computing devices directly allowing for collaborative work. This network type is suitable for a small office environment with few employees.

Client/server Networks: This network uses a server to store data which various clients connect to. This network type is ideal for larger corporations giving more users access to the network.

Duties of the Network Administrator:

Network administrators making use of Ottawa Network Support has the following core duties:

Monitoring: The network administrator needs to constantly monitor the network for faults, outages and other network related problems. Network monitoring software is often used to detect such problems and the network administrator is alerted when a problem is detected.

Security testing: The network administrator will regularly test the network for possible vulnerabilities in the security system. A penetration test is often used in order to test for possible unauthorized entry into the network.

Updating: The network administrator is also responsible for updating software on the network. This software includes security software, system software, hardware drivers, etc.

Maintaining: Maintenance of network hardware and software components, managing user accounts and performing backup and recovery processes are all included in the network administrators’ duties.

Managing IT faults: The network administrator is also responsible for detecting, isolating and fixing network faults reported by users. Fault management also includes testing, diagnosing and fixing network faults.

Network administration serves a key role in building, securing and maintaining your network at its best. Int companies in Ottawa can help in house network administrators with many aspects of network support and network administration. If you are a business in Ottawa and would like a qualified computer services provider to assist you, contact us today.

In the next article, we will be discussing the purpose Ottawa Network Support Administration and why it is important to maintain a secure business network.