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An Introduction to Integrated Network Management

What Is Integrated Network Management?

As businesses expand, their networks expand with them. However, poor handling of such expansions can cause their networks to become fragmented, resulting in a number of smaller networks rather than the single integrated network that should exist. By practicing integrated network management either with or without the assistance of Ottawa managed services, Ottawa-based businesses can reap a host of benefits that can provide them with a real competitive advantage.

What Are the Benefits of Integrated Network Management For Businesses?

Here are some examples:

  • Getting relevant information on time is a critical factor in successful network management, whether it is being handled by an in-house network manager or outsourced to a provider of Ottawa IT services. With an integrated network, it is possible to get said information for the entire network all at once. In contrast, said information is fragmented when a network is fragmented, thus resulting in slower decision-making because the fragments have to be pieced together by the network manager before becoming usable.
  • Different fragments can end up with different combinations of software and hardware, which can make it much more difficult for network managers to do their jobs even with the support of Ottawa IT support. This is because different software and hardware need different expertise and experience, meaning that fragmentation increases the demand placed upon the network manager.
  • These two factors ensure that integrated networks have better uptime compared to their fragmented counterparts. After all, poorer access of information can force network managers to either make their decisions without all of the relevant information needed to inform them or wait for the relevant information to come in while the time runs out for time-sensitive decisions, meaning that either choice leads to an increased chance of a suboptimal outcome. Likewise, putting a bigger demand on network managers increases their chances of making an error because they are stretched too thin instead of being able to provide each potential issue with the care and consideration that it needs for the best results.

How Can Businesses Implement Integrated Network Management?

The simplest and most straightforward method for businesses to ensure integrated network management is to plan changes to their networks instead of scrambling to make changes when the need comes up. This way, they can make sure that their new components are integrated into their existing networks right from the start instead of being forced to do a rush job. However, if they are over-stretched, they should not hesitate to contact us for the network support that they need with their network management.