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Innovations to Take Your Computer to the Next Level

In the ever-evolving world of computing and technology, computers are only getting slimmer, lighter, faster and more efficient. The following are five awesome innovations in the computing world sure to take your computer to the next level.

1. Wireless charging

Developers have been working to introduce wireless charging that will make power cables and cords obsolete. This trend is already being adapted for smartphones and tablets. Wireless charging stations are set up in restaurants, cafes, airports and other public places. Intel has been working around the clock to introduce this technology for laptops by increasing the current power for smartphones and tablets up to 20 Watts for mainstream laptops.
Monitors, hard disks, and keyboards will be connected to the hub and the link to PC will be maintained over the air. They are utilizing Rezence magnetic resonance wireless charging technology by Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) maintained by the Wireless Gigabit standard. Introduction of wireless computing will increase mobility within a home or an office.

2. Broadwell from Intel

This fifth-generation core series from Intel is bound to boost performance and increase battery life for tablets, laptops and hybrids. Compared to its predecessor, Haswell, which has a rated clock speed of 2GHz to 3GHz, Broadwell records a clock speed of 2.2GHz to 2.7GHz. Despite the slower clock speed of the Broadwell processor when only one core is working, the 14nm process makes it run cooler where the Haswell would start heating up, making Broadwell faster. Broadwell processor has increased efficiency as well as a 10% improvement in battery life. According to Intel, Haswell-to-Broadwell CPU has a 5% difference, but a 10% difference in graphics, which makes games such as Minecraft more enjoyable to play.

3. Lighter and slimmer

Laptops are getting lighter and slimmer with each release. For the recently released Lenovo LeVie, magnesium lithium alloy was used to construct the body, making a 13-inch laptop weigh only 1.94 pounds or 2.1 pounds for a hybrid. As batteries generally contribute to the overall weight for laptops, Lenovo used the high resolution IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) panel that increases efficiency in terms of power leakage and the light passed through the LCD display at high resolution. This makes the battery they used smaller. Lenovo has managed to do this all while having a bigger and higher resolution screen than the MacBook 12.

4. Biometric sensors

Apple currently uses biometric authentication to authorize credit card payment through ApplePay. Intel plans to take this a notch higher by introducing biometric authentication to log into websites and even your Windows 10 enabled device. This is to reduce the stress of having to memorize a number of passwords for different sites.

5. DDR4 Memory

DDR4 memory that hits higher clock speeds than its predecessor, DDR3, makes for a faster device and thereby enhance performance. This will make applications and games run faster. DDR4 also works at a lower voltage—1.2W down from 1.5W—which generally saves 15W. While this may not be a big deal for people working at home, it is crucial for organizations with Microsoft small business servers or server farms and large scare computer architecture.

If you consider all the developments happening in the world of computing, there is much to be excited about!

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