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How Hackers Exploit Human Errors to Infiltrate Networks

Research shows that over 75% of security attacks on a network are caused by errors made by those within it. Hackers are finding it increasingly difficult to get past the latest network security systems. As a result, they are now relying on human errors to successfully gain access to corporate networks. Mistakes made by legitimate users of a network can be extremely costly to a business. This is because they have access to crucial information and resources contained within a company network. It is therefore important for businesses to hire IT consulting companies to educate their employees on standard protocol when they are operating within the corporate network.

Human Errors that are Most Exploited

In a network, the slightest human error can pose very hazardous consequences to a business. There are numerous kinds of human errors which hackers exploit. However, most hackers focus on the following five human errors.

Poor Network Visibility

Network visibility is defined as the constant awareness of what goes on within a specific network. There are many factors which must be monitored within a network. They include bandwidth, traffic speeds, completeness of data, throughput etc. Failure to carefully monitor these factors can lead to security loopholes where hacking occurs unnoticed. Ottawa IT companies can assist with network monitoring tools to increase network visibility within the corporate network. This will ensure traffic within the network is closely monitored round the clock and suspicious behavior is identified and flagged early enough.

Poor Site Configuration and Management

Customized company websites factor in more functionalities and resources than simple websites made for personal use. They also deal with a lot more data traffic compared to regular websites. Factors such as the database, user interface, and authentication techniques must be well configured so that network security at the application level is enhanced.

Improper Configuration of Network Tools

Right from a user’s personal computer to routers, switches and, servers, every tool used to run a network requires proper installation and configuration. This is to preserve network security. IT consulting services can help businesses in Ottawa to learn and follow configuration guidelines in order to avoid leaving loopholes for hackers to exploit.

Inactive administration

Aside from installation and configuration, companies must employ good network administration practices. This is so that their networks are properly maintained. Hackers usually take advantage of improperly managed networks to explore their vulnerabilities. Businesses within Ottawa should, therefore, ensure they have proper computer services practices to help uphold good network administration practices.

Inappropriate User Habits

Sometimes users of a network are prone to visit websites which might compromise the security of the company network. Piracy sites, especially, are an excellent example of threats to network security. Proper guidelines for users and preventive steps from network administrators will maximize network protection.