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How Firewall Tech Recognizes Resource Abuse

Resource abuse in a network entails using the services offered by the network either in a way which prevents other users from accessing it or in ways which compromise the integrity of the company involved. It entails the misuse of distinct components of a network.

Every business resource within a network is vulnerable to resource abuse once a hacker has managed to infiltrate the network.

To prevent and react to a Resource Abuse Attack, seek out an Ottawa IT company to help you prepare.

Information Abuse

Information is usually the main goal of most hackers who have infiltrated a corporate network. The motivation for access of information can range from entertainment to learning about confidential data on business secrets and processes. They may also look to steal the information and use it for blackmail or to defame the hacked company. Hackers can also choose to destroy or compromise the information stored in a network database.

This may be so as to intentionally inflict damage to the business. All these cases of network vandalism pose a great danger to the integrity of a network. Businesses in Ottawa, therefore, require proper network support systems to protect their corporate information from such vandalism.

Account Abuse

Account abuse within a network involves compromising legitimate user accounts. Hackers can choose to compromise user accounts by cracking and changing the passwords stored in the databases. This denies users access to the network resources. Hackers can also use accounts to simply utilize services within the corporate network unnoticed. This can be hazardous if the accounts compromised are of high profile clients or a senior employee.

IT consulting companies in Ottawa can help businesses by giving recommendations on how to protect their user accounts and detect potential security breaches.

Hardware Abuse

Hackers can infiltrate networks and compromise them by exploiting the hardware resources within the network infrastructure. Hardware abuse can greatly cost a company because they are the backbone of the network infrastructure. It takes a relatively long time to recover from hardware malfunction or sabotage.

When hardware such as servers and routers are hacked and get compromised, a network shutdown can easily occur. A shutdown renders a company’s operations and transactions paralyzed. Employees can also greatly suffer if their workstations are vandalized and data they had collected over a period of time gets lost.

Hardware is also very costly to purchase once it malfunctions. Therefore hardware abuse attacks may lead to businesses incurring great costs. To prevent hardware from getting compromised by hackers, Ottawa based businesses must invest in adequate network support systems, a qualified computer services company can help with this.