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How Firewall Handles User Account Updates

While they may not be the biggest security risks within a company’s network, user accounts can be used to infiltrate networks. This could pose a serious hazard to a business. This is especially true when it comes to businesses which encourage working outside the office premises where communication with a business network is extended to remote devices. The greatest threat, when it comes to user accounts, is that it is usually difficult to notice when there are suspicious actions being performed. This is especially dangerous when the account being used by hackers has high-level access to IT resources. Businesses in Ottawa must implement proper network support from IT companies to ensure the protection of their user accounts from unauthorized persons.

Factors that warrant user account updates

  • Change in employee roles – for various reasons, a company may decide to reshuffle their employees. The reshuffling may include moving employees from one department to another. If a business has different user requirements for every department, then a user account update is necessary to ensure that employees access only the information that they are authorized to. Businesses can make use of managed services from IT companies in Ottawa to ensure that user accounts are proactively updated after a retrenchment has been done.
  • Promotion and demotion – usually, companies offer higher level access to personnel with a higher position in the organization. User accounts must reflect this difference at all times. Promotion and demotion of employees must follow up with updates on their user accounts so that access to sensitive information stays protected and managed at all times.
  • Software upgrades – as a company continues to upgrade its software services, some of the components of the previous versions become redundant and of no use. These changes must be reflected in the user accounts. If left unchecked, they may be used as loopholes to infiltrate the business network and do some damage. For instance, if a field within a database has been omitted or merged with another field, it must reflect in user accounts. Otherwise, intentional or unintentional system errors could happen. Businesses in Ottawa require proper IT network support to ensure that their data is synchronized within their networks at all times.

Service Account Maintenance

Service accounts are those which are created by installing the software within a computer or a network. These accounts are sometimes created by the software to run services in the background without the user’s knowledge. If undetected, these accounts can be used by hackers to gain access to various data and services within a business network. Companies offering managed services can help businesses in Ottawa by regularly checking their network systems for any unwarranted accounts. It is hard detecting such accounts since they may be running in the background. These accounts should be terminated as soon as they are found to secure the business network.