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Encryption Cracking Tools

Encryption cracking tools are those tools which are used by hackers to compromise the confidentiality of data packets by attempting to breach network encryptions used while sending the data. The software operates differently depending on what the hacker wishes to accomplish. There are three main encryption cracking tools and each of these works differently towards decrypting confidential messages. IT companies in Ottawa can significantly improve network security for all clients by understanding these tools so that they can successfully ward off attacks on their clients.

Traffic Injectors

Traffic injectors work by inserting encrypted messages that have been forged by a hacker into a specific network. There are two main aims for traffic injection. One would be to generate new messages to the recipient, which usually occurs when the hacker knows the decryption key of the message being sent to a user. The other purpose of injecting traffic would be to obtain the encrypted message and a plaintext message. The hacker tool then compares these two messages to obtain the meaning of the message. Two tools that are used in the latter attack are Airplay and WepWedgie.

Decrypting Tools

Decryption of messages usually requires two tools. The first tool is used to gather the packets which are to be decrypted. Wireshark and Prismdump are popular packet gathering tools in the market today. The second tools are used to analyze the gathered packets to determine the encryption key used. While the latter tools use simple algorithmic procedures to decrypt the data packets, most of the workload rests on tools that gather packets. It requires a minimum of five million frames to analyze and decrypt a key.

Brute Force Attack Tools

Tools that utilize brute force attacks are keen on gathering data packets and attempting to crack the encryption code by using a wide dictionary of keys stored within them. The software tries to decrypt the packets key by key until the right one is found or until all the keys have been utilized. This attack is also called the dictionary-based attack. Brute force attack tools usually take a long while to decrypt messages, ranging from a few days to weeks. They also require powerful processors and other resources to run efficiently. AirSnort is a popularly used brute force attacking tool.

Companies which offer computer services in Ottawa must ensure that their clients are protected from encryption cracking tools by studying these tools and implementing various ways of ensuring that messages sent through a client network are not disrupted or tampered with.