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As most professionals will tell you, mobile access to email is one of the greatest recent productivity innovations. Email is vital to the corporate workflow. In fact, Blackberry gained much popularity for being one of the first (and best) phones to offer email and Internet capabilities. To this day, the Blackberry continues to appeal to corporate audiences. The following are a few of the email configuration services we offer at Firewall Technical:

  • Microsoft Exchange configuration on Blackberry
  • IMAP and POP3 configuration on Blackberry / PDA
  • Email synchronization

IMAP versus POP3 Configuration

IMAP and POP3 are two protocols that email services utilize to retrieve emails.

Configuring your email service or mobile device using POP3 allows the end client to download the contents of the inbox to a local storage space. The mail is not kept on a server after it has been downloaded. In this scenario, the mail can only exist on the local storage space and cannot be accessed through another device. The POP3 protocol is simple in this aspect. However, many current devices now allow a setting which allows the user to keep a copy of an email on a server. This would allow you to access the email from a separate device if needed.

Many users prefer to have their email to remain on a server due to ease of access. Configuring email through IMAP allows users to connect to their inbox from multiple devices. This protocol is more powerful, and is slowly replacing POP3.

Microsoft Exchange

Many corporate IT departments use the email server, Microsoft Exchange, to manage large volumes of corporate mail. An IT department is generally responsible for setting up and configuring this server, and for setting up accounts for individual employees. To access the server, the end user simply needs a few pieces of information (username, email address, password and sometimes a port number).

Allowing employees to access email from any device makes a noticeable difference in workflow efficiency. Employees will be able to respond to important requests in a timely manner, schedule meetings from anywhere, and be more integrated into the work environment.

Why Firewall Technical?

If your company does not have an IT department, consider hiring Firewall Technical. We have 15 years of experience in the IT service industry. We will take care of the technical details surrounding email and server configuration, and you can enjoy the benefits of anywhere, anytime email access. The initial set-up phase of the above mentioned services can be complicated so it’s best you hire an IT company with experience.

It’s clear that mobile email access allows employees to be more productive. If your company has not yet configured your email account on your mobile phone, now is the time to change that. Contact our Ottawa tech support team for a no charge consultation today.