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The Effects of Bad Habits on Network Security

Over 75% of network security breaches are caused by user habits. It is essential that businesses deploy the time and resources to effectively train and guide their users on proper security practices. Every network user, regardless of their position, should receive adequate training on best practices to use on the company network. Your Ottawa IT service provider can help with automated training and audits.

Common Habits That Compromise Security

The probability of bad habits compromising network security is dependent on factors such as the number of users, and their technical knowledge and behaviors. Good network practices are only as strong as your sloppiest user. They require regular reinforcement and oversight.

Lack of Scrutiny

The web today is filled with advertisements and email messages which contain malicious code. Businesses must continually ensure that employees are on guard.

Failure to Update Software

For some software offered, users can easily update them by clicking an update popup message. However, most users have a habit of dismissing these prompts. Without understanding that these updates are crucial for network security, users may expose their devices to risk. Businesses should ensure that the IT companies in Ottawa they hire offer the right services to ensure all software in a company network is up to date.

Use of public networks

Sometimes users may carry their work home with them. They may decide to connect remotely to corporate networks to get the work done. This exposure of private company data to public networks is a significant danger to business network security. Without proper arrangements, such as the setup of a virtual private network, company data could become visible to threat actors accessing the same public network. If a business in Ottawa encourages working after hours, they may benefit from the advice of an IT consulting firm which will help establish standard protocols for remotely accessing the business network. This will help the business network to be secured against threat actors.