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Disadvantages of Cloud Services

In every aspect of business and technology, there are downsides, and cloud computing is no exception. The downside has to be involved in ever decision-making process and ultimately the choice is whether the benefits out way the disadvantages or not. Below is a brief explanation of some of the negative aspects of cloud computing to help users of computer services in Ottawa decide if cloud computing services should be incorporated into their business processes.

Cost: Although cloud computing solutions can save you money in the short term, they can end up costing more money in the long run, as at some point there will be a situation where the total subscription fees are greater than the cost of implementing and maintaining servers in your environment. IT consulting clients in Ottawa should not forget about the cost associated with canceling a cloud service subscription. These can include, buying licenses for software you were using, and rewriting applications deployed on PaaS solutions. Some cloud storage providers charge for outbound data transfers, which means just canceling the service can cost your business money.

Security Issues: Data centers are big targets for hackers, they are a one-stop-drop for their data breaching capabilities. This brings up the question of what data you intend on storing in the cloud. 1 TB hard drives are much cheaper than the costs and losses associated with a single breached record that is subject to compliance and governance regulations. On the other hand, service provider’s data centers are near guaranteed to have better security controls, than clients of IT companies in Ottawa. Being a juicier target for hackers does not make them easier to hack, and data centers would almost certainly have in-house incident response teams to address security incidents.

Inflexibility: What happens if you decide to change providers of a SaaS solution such as spreadsheet or slideshow applications? Will you be able to migrate data into another program seamlessly? These are questions that should be asked as answering them before subscribing can help save your business from a lot of problems early on. Some vendors use proprietary file formats, and then users get “locked in” to using their service as the costs associated with recreating that data in a different format can be substantial. To get around these potential hazards, users of managed services in Ottawa make sure to research whether your potential provider uses open or proprietary formats and their policy on data ownership.

Calamities are always around the corner if one does not thread carefully, and the introduction of 3rd parties seems to be a particular magnet for problems. Cloud computing has changed the way we consume digital media and use technology, clients of tech support services in Ottawa should be aware of the drawbacks. Careful research and review of services are sure to put your mind at ease when it comes to incorporating cloud solutions into your business. As an added bonus, most providers tend to provide a free trial period to help you decide if cloud apps and services tend to your business’ needs.