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Diagnosis Server: The 5 Most Common IT Problems

Whether you’re trying to fix your mother’s old computer or trying to figure out the issue with your customized gaming PC, fixing technological problems is just part of modern life. This list is going to tell you the top 5 most common problems that IT professionals face every day.

1. Computer is Too Slow

Everyone has faced this issue at one point or another, and there are a couple of reasons this may happen. If videos and websites are loading slowly, it may just be your internet connection. If, however, the issue is your computer, this is what you can to do fix it.

The most basic solution is to clear out space on your hard drive to make room for more files. If that doesn’t work, go to the Systems Configuration tool and see if extra programs are running. Shut down anything that you don’t need, and you should see your operating speed shoot up.

2. Pop-Ups When the Internet Browser is Closed

This means that you have mistakenly downloaded adware. Adware is typically downloaded under the guise of being a speed booster, but all it really does is gives you near-constant ads. It is tricky to uninstall yourself because adware tends to hide itself on your computer. Your best bet is to run a trusted antivirus scanner. Simply let the antivirus program quarantine the files, then delete them, then you’re free of the ads!

3. Can’t Open Email Attachments

When you can’t open an email attachment, you most likely don’t have the right software to read it. Think of software as your computer’s glasses, and the file as tiny print. Without the glasses, your computer can’t make sense of it! It is usually simple to go online and find a free PDF reader. This will solve the problem nine times out of ten.

4. Computer Shut Down by Itself

Excepting a power outage, most likely your computer did not, in fact, turn itself off. But if you didn’t turn it off, what could that mean? A common problem is dirty or clogged cooling fans. Dust can accumulate in your computer just like it can on your shelf, and can cause ventilation and cooling problems. It can lead to overheating, which will make the computer shut down to avoid frying its systems. Use a can of compressed air to clean off the fans and fins and you shouldn’t have the issue again!

5. Can’t Login to the Computer

This is probably the most common issue on this list, and it also has the simplest solution. Turn off your caps lock. There is never an instance where your computer will change your password, but there are a lot of times when you’ll bump the caps lock key without meaning to. Everyone has done it, but there’s no need to let the IT personnel get a good laugh when you call them with this!

As technology advances, computer literacy becomes an increasingly important skill in day-to-day life—especially considering the value of data security. This list should help you solve most problems that will pop up and save you a few hours of a headache.