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Cybersecurity and Network Security

Information Security is a crucial, modern discipline. Broadly speaking, it prevents unauthorized access, disclosure, destruction or other unintended use of information. Both physical and digital data fall into this category. Many companies are especially aware of the need for online security. IT companies in Ottawa have to be prepared for the waves of digital threats.

Two major areas of online information security are network security and cyber security. Understanding these terms will allow clearer discussion of your company’s concerns and needs with network administrators or Ottawa computer services.


Cyber Security

Cyber security, or computer security, protects hardware, software, or digital information from external threats. It is crucial in Ottawa computer services. Protection is accomplished by managing and neutralizing external risk. Online security is often compared to a castle. Cyber security is defending the castle fortifications from outside enemies. The threats may be on the wall or in the distance, and the fort must be held against them.

In practice, cyber security ensures only authorized users access servers, intranets and data transfer channels. The protection is provided by controlling physical and network access.

An important aspect is the understanding of current online attacks. Phishing, backdoor, and denial-of-service attacks are just a few commonly heard security threats. Hackers are constantly creating new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems. Hackers may not only be interested in data. They can also aim to manipulate or shut down websites and networks. Security analysts and IT companies in Ottawa investigate new tactics and implement patches and remedies.


Network Security

Network Security secures the network itself. In the castle analogy, the network security manages the potential dangers passing through and occurring within the castle walls. Here, the network administrator is leading the charge. They manage network traffic and the authorized users. The most common control is the provision of unique names and passwords.

To ensure additional network protection, administrators employ firewalls to limit access to potential risk sources. In addition, virus and malware scans detect harmful content that has been transmitted into the network.

Administrators and Ottawa computer services also prepare for the worst-case scenario. Data encryption ensures information remains private and inaccessible to external users who obtain access. Regular network backups allow lost or damaged data to be restored.



There is important overlap between these two disciplines. Complete information security cannot be achieved without the cooperation and interplay between cyber and network security. A castle will fall if the army inside the fortified walls fails to communicate with those outside. IT companies in Ottawa understand how online threats and their security solutions are always evolving. Coordinating internal and external responses is crucial to success.