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Most common IT Support issues and how to fix them

common it support issues

As an IT support provider, our team deal with the same common issues every day. While we can monitor and prevent the major issues from affecting your network, some problems are unavoidable and can sometimes be down to user error too.

Here are the most common IT support issues that we have to deal with.

1) Unable to log in to your station

Let’s start with the most annoying problem that affects many of us daily. Not being able to log in to your station and start your work is not only frustrating but it’s also a huge waste of time and it cuts into being productive for that day.

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to log into your work station and these include:

  • You are entering the wrong password (or you have misspelt your username)
  • Your password has changed due to security measures implemented by your company.
  • You have had too many incorrect password entries and your access has been revoked.

All of the above can cause issues with login into your workstation so firstly check your credentials are correct and if you still can’t get in contact your IT support provider and they will be able to reset your details so you can log in.

2) Blue screen of death

The blue screen of death is a problem that Windows users see when a program, driver or hardware stops working as it should. The user will often get an error message explaining that their PC has run into an error and it will need to be restarted.

Just like the error says, if you want to fix this problem you will need to restart your computer. On the restart, the error should have gone away. If the error continues to persist this could indicate a driver or hardware error, in this case, get in touch with your IT support and they will be able to advise the best course of action.

Usually, the blue screen of death doesn’t need too much work to fix and restarting your computer will do the job.

3) Deleted a file that you need

This is where having someone to monitor and protect your systems comes into play. A good IT support company will back up your data regularly and if you were to delete a file they can recover it for you easily.

If you don’t have IT support yet, then you will need to see if your file is in the recycle bin on either your Mac or PC. If the file isn’t in there then you can download files off the internet to help you recover deleted files but there is no guarantee they will work either.

Your best bet is to prevent this from happening by hiring an IT support company that can provide you with data backup solutions.

4) My computer is running slow

A slow computer can be caused by several problems. It could be that the software you are running is using too many resources that everything takes a while to complete. If this is the case you will want to speak to your management team to get your computer upgraded.

A slow computer can also be caused by out of date software so be sure to update them and try again. Finally, a computer can be slowed down by viruses, malwareransomware and malicious code.

If you do think your computer system could be compromised I would advise you to contact your IT support provider right away so they can scan your computer and protect the other devices on your network.

Businesses are often targeted by cybercriminals and if your system is compromised it could cause financial damage to the whole organisation. If you believe you have been attacked, stop what you are doing and get help right away.

5) Unable to print documents

When it comes to printers you will need to use some common sense and try to work through small potential solutions at a time to see what is causing your printing issues.

It could be something as simple as no ink or paper in your machine or you could be sending your prints to the wrong printer. You should rule these out first. Then it could be an issue with printing heads being dirty.  

Most of the time printers will come with troubleshooting options on them where you can check ink levels if the printing heads need to be cleaned if the printing heads are inline and many more options. You should run through these first. If they are all ok then you may have an issue with connectivity.  

You can try to fix connectivity issues on your own but chances are you don’t have the experience to do so. An IT support company will be able to fix connectivity issues that any of your devices have so it will be easier to get in touch with one rather than play around yourself.

6) My Wi-Fi connectivity keeps dropping

Being productive and having an internet connection that stops working doesn’t go hand in hand. Having Wi-Fi that isn’t reliable is also frustrating so if your connection keeps dropping every few minutes there is a good chance that your network is being overloaded.

If your network is overloaded then an IT technician may need to look at your network connectors such as your router to see if they can be replaced so that your Wi-Fi doesn’t drop signal.

There could be many reasons why your Wi-Fi signal keeps getting dropped so call an expert to fix this problem.


Listed above are the most common small IT problems that can disrupt your day leaving you stressed and unproductive. As you can see hiring an IT support company such as us can help alleviate these problems and can help you to get back to work.

If you would like to talk to an IT support company in Ottawa to see how we can help your business please get in touch with us via this website or by calling our phone number.