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Ottawa Cabling Services

Ottawa Cabling Services

The network infrastructure is an indispensable enabler for reliability, innovation, and performance within any organization, company or business. However, the decentralized and complex nature of modern computing and networking technology makes the IT environment expensive and difficult for many institutions to efficiently implement and leverage. For this reason, you need to partner with a reliable IT company that will provide dependable and cost-effective managed infrastructure services which will seamlessly handle, support and process the data your company transmits and consumes on a daily basis without compromising on the efficiency of operations.

Fortunately, that’s where we come in!

Infrastructure managed services

At Firewall Technical, we have designed our managed infrastructure services to help you improve your operations efficiency and cut down on costs. By combining our innovative techniques with our benefits realization model, we are able to collaborate with you to build a roadmap towards optimizing your premises and IT infrastructure. You can count on us to link, standardize, consolidate, virtualize and automate business communication systems to create and deliver affordable and reliable services to your business.

Cabling Services in Ottawa we offer

Data Cabling Installation

With no doubt, a fast and reliable data cabling solution is the bedrock of any business. Whether you are looking to make a few additional data outlets or have a large-scale project, you can count on us. We will provide you with reliable data cabling installations so that your teams can work more seamlessly without interruptions. This will give them the chance to concentrate on growing the business.

Network Cable Installations

As a well-established cable installer, we offer state of the art network cable installations. Our highly skilled team of technicians is always dedicated to designing custom network systems that will suit your business’s needs. Whether you are looking for new installations, emergency repairs or routine maintenance, we are always available to you.

Phone cabling installations

Besides being a leading data and network cable installer, we also specialize in providing infrastructure engineering and installation of video, voice, and other phone communication solutions. Our technicians group cables correctly and ensure that they are placed in strategic locations so that they cannot be an impediment to free movement. We also guarantee that there won’t be ugly wires hanging from ceilings or peeking through your décor.

Cable management

High-quality cable management is very essential for any business working environment. Our cable management services are designed to adapt as your business grows, move when you need to move and evolve as your industry evolves.

How we achieve diligence

As the domain of connected devices and communication systems continues to grow, we partner with our clients to build multiservice and converged network infrastructures with tangible return on investments. We achieve this by combining innovative technology with customer collaboration and high-quality service delivery, to provide network cabling solutions that make your business smarter and more efficient. Moreover, our highly skilled team of technicians is well versed in completing projects on time, within your budget and to the highest conceivable standards.

Locations we serve

Our services are available to residents of Ottawa and surrounding areas. They are:

Truth be told, there is more to cabling than just buying high-quality cables and connecting them to hardware. To ensure that your business fully benefits from the installations, our structured cabling system is appropriately designed, installed and implemented. Besides this, we pride ourselves in providing state of the art services and cabling solutions which exceed our customer’s expectations. If you need any of our services, feel free to contact us and you will be advised accordingly. We strive for an open, honest and clear communication with our customers. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.