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5 Ways Tech Support Ottawa Improve Desktop Support in the Office

If you want to make money as a company, you’re going to need to create an environment conductive to worker productivity. This also includes in office workspaces. One thing that can inhibit office productivity is IT issues. This certainly includes the use of desktop computers. With that in mind, below are five ways you can improve desktop support in the office.

Automate Some Support Functions

Certain things should be automated in regards to desktop support to save your IT workers some of the hassle of dealing with routine issues. One of the most common desktop issues is being locked out of a computer or the network due to forgetting a password. However, a PowerShell script can be used to immediately notify the IT team of password lockouts. Being locked out of your computer can slow down progressing orders and can also be very frustrating. Having reliable IT services can help mitigate this.

Supply Your Desktop Support Team with the Right Tools

As with any job, IT support needs to have the right tools to perform their work. Obviously, they will need their own computers. These should be a bit more advanced than that the standard PCs supplied to regular office workers. This means more RAM and more processing power. They will also need the proper IT support software to help pinpoint problems and monitor the company network and servers. Having the proper IT support is paramount to success.

Maintain Email Efficiency

One of the most important tasks performed on office desktop computers is receiving and sending company email. This is how a lot of business is done. Maintaining email efficiency should be important. Company email needs to be stored and sent out from your own servers for security reasons. Make sure the system works properly and quickly. Making all emails secure is important in any business setting. Protecting yourself and your system from malicious files and bugs is incredibly important.

Implement Remote Management

With only so many IT employees, expecting them to attend to each desktop issue in person can stretch them thin. Instead, some support should be provided via remote management. Remote monitoring software can allow an IT employee to observe what is happening on a desktop PC from a remote location. That IT worker can then take remote control of the PC to fix the issue. Remote access is so helpful for IT professionals in the office.

Train Employees When Needed

If employees need to work with specific software to perform their work, you shouldn’t expect them to know how to use it on their own. While you don’t want to hold their hands and do their work for them, some training about IT, hosted services, and networks can certainly be supplied by your IT team to get them off on the right foot.

Desktop PCs are designed to be intuitive. However, as is often the case, issues still happen and can impede office productivity. Make sure you supply your IT team with what they need to provide your workers with desktop support as needed.