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5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Computer Could Do

Your home computer is more powerful than you can even imagine. You can do so much more than check email and play games on Facebook. There are so many little tricks and shortcuts that your device can do that makes your computer even more amazing than you originally thought. Here are just a few little things you may not have known your computer can do:

Copy and Paste to Upload

You can save a bit of time when uploading photos and other files by skipping the part where you save it to your computer. Just grab the URL in your browser (right-click on images to do this) and press “Ctrl+V” to insert the URL into the “Browse” box when you need to upload. This can save you a bunch of time and is a really simple way to upload. No more having to build up a bunch of commonly unused files. It’s never been easier to upload!

Schedule Tasks

Windows has a built-in Task Scheduler that enables you to do, well, just about anything at any time period. You can schedule daily, weekly or monthly tasks, which is ideal for maintenance operations. Or you could have a program load every time you log on to your computer. Set up tasks for importing photos or backing up your hard drive. It’s all possible, and it all can be done with little to no labor on your part. The results are simply amazing.

Save Time With Quick Actions

The Windows notification tray has always been a useful tool. It can allow you to connect to a network, pair with a Bluetooth device and adjust volume from the tray. Windows 8 allowed you to more quickly open settings, and Windows 10 ushered in the messaging system. It’s no secret that you could choose which icons would display here and when. Quick Actions are the toggle widgets that appear when you open the Action Center, and you can choose which ones appear by default. You can also Search “Quick Actions” to select the four actions that appear on the bottom of the Action Center. You’ll have options like enabling Bluetooth, adjusting brightness and switching to tablet mode.

Broadcast TV

You might already be used to hooking your laptop up to your TV via HDMI so you can share your monitor with a bigger screen, but did you know you can also watch TV on your computer? All you need is a device known as a TV tuner card, and you can catch over-the-air content from local stations. It’s a great option to stay connected to local news and watch your favorite sitcom every night.

Control Your House

From lightbulbs to alarm systems and thermostats, smart home technology is a booming industry. It might be more convenient to use apps on your smartphone, but your computer can also be a central hub where you can monitor human presences in a room to turn on the heat or air conditioner, close the blinds when the sun’s glaring on your TV, secure smart locks or dim lights before you pop in a movie. Logitech and Belkin are among the hardware manufacturers that have hubs that allow you to control everything from a central location such as your computer! Technology like this can definitely help you keep your home safe and as energy efficient as possible.

There are plenty of things your computer can do to make your life easier or more fun, but it’s up to you to keep up with computer maintenance and know when to seek the skills of a competent IT worker, such as those with Ottawa IT services, to keep it in tip-top shape so none of these activities are disrupted.