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5 Reasons to Outsource Your IT Support

Whether your business is large or small, your consistent on-line presence and the security of the software and computers used for your business are critical factors in maintaining your success. IT support needs to be immediately accessible to keep your employees from dealing with the frustration of being slowed or stuck fast by a failed machine or locked software. Additionally, IT support has to provide you with the best security available. Outsourcing your IT support offers you the following five benefits.


IT support needs to be available when computers crash and software locks up. Staffing, easy access to support via phone or internet and personnel and scheduling issues become their problem, not yours. Unless IT is your business, you don’t need to spend your time managing an internal IT team when there are excellent businesses dedicated to IT that can support your employees from off-site.

Expertise Outsourcing

Your IT places the onus on your support contractor to provide training to their employees to handle any problems that arise on your systems. Certifications and advanced skills are yours to shop for, rather than develop when you outsource your IT.

Price Comparisons

If your business is highly technology driven, you can shop for IT support teams that have particular expertise in the software specific to your industry. Even if your IT support contractor is great, there may be someone better, and there may be someone less expensive. An in-house IT team will have ever expanding costs including raises, training and benefits. With a terrific outsourced IT contractor, those costs are not yours to bear.


No matter how secure you want your systems to be, issues such as compensation and training can cause some very hard feelings if data becomes widely available. An outsourced IT team can offer you the chance to limit access to information such as pay raises, benefit packages, and bonuses. Additionally, a well-designed network security system for tracking accounts payable and accounts receivable can offer you the chance to make a detailed review of all incoming and outgoing transactions.

Security People

Disgruntled employees can have devastating impacts on your business. Levels of workplace violence are escalating, and non-violent malicious behaviors can heavily impact your employees and your bottom line. One unhappy IT person could do great damage to your on-line presence and the future of your business. Outsourcing your IT services greatly reduces the risk of a malicious act against you or your business. Additionally, if a rapid removal of an employee is necessary from any area in your business, an outsourced IT team can quietly remove that person’s access to any computer system with the simple blocking of a password. No matter how much you trust your employees, the ability to cut someone off from your computer systems is a sad necessity.

Keeping up with the ever expanding world of IT is a full-time job, but it doesn’t have to be your job. Access to a well-trained IT team outside your business will be a great boost to your bottom line.