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5 Mistakes That Will Send Your Customers to the Competition

Customer satisfaction is the bread and butter of every business no matter what type of business it is. Customer retention should always be a top priority. Consumers who switch to the competition because of company foul are likely to take their family and friends with them. The following are five business mistakes that will send your customers running to the competition in no time.

Uncompetitive Pricing

We currently live in a world in which the economy is continuing to suffer. Modern consumers are dealing with lower wages, life changes and ever-increasing product and service costs. Even loyal customers will leave if the business does not offer competitive pricing. The consumers might not leave immediately, but they will stagger off eventually for a competitor who is more sympathetic to their wallets and their struggles.

Poor Customer Service

Poor customer service will run customers off faster than a rodent in a platter or a belch in the elevator will. Consumers want businesses to treat them as if they are special, and they expect such treatment each and every time they enter a facility. They want prompt, friendly and reliable service. Rudeness, slow responses, dismissals and “wheeling and dealing” are examples of poor customer service. Some customers value the customer service even more than they appreciate the pricing. Therefore, the team must be well trained in how to please each person who walks through the doors, emails or calls on the phone. Every person deserves excellent customer service regardless of his or her background, income, gender and the like.

Lack of IT Support

Another missing element that will run customers off quickly is a lack of IT support. Businesses that deal with technology must have a team of people who can support employees as well as customers. Customers call to resolve their technological issues. They want to speak to knowledgeable people who can walk them through their problems with the devices. IT support is a part of customer service. It helps people to troubleshoot problems and avoid making unnecessary office visits and contract cancellations. It’s also important to have IT support services for your employees and business. This can help make sure you won’t inconvenience employees or customers with tech problems.


Dishonesty is something that no one likes, especially recipients of goods and services. Dishonesty may snag a customer, but it surely will not keep a client. It is hard to regain a patron’s trust once that customer has discovered or uncovered a lie. The person will wonder if the business is lying about everything else, as well. The best way to avoid losing customers because of dishonesty is always to be transparent with them.

Poor-Quality Products

Finally, poor quality products are the reason behind many customer walk-offs. An efficient quality control system should be in place. However, the products still may be defective or otherwise sub-par because of human error. In such cases, the company should offer a reasonable refund or exchange policy. An effective policy will leave no room for customer dissatisfaction.

You will fare well as a business if you can avoid the things on this list. Your customer retention numbers should stay above average. Knowing how to deal with these issues can help make sure that you take care of them quickly so you can retain your customers.