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3 Costly Reasons You Need Firewall Support

Unpatched security holes make your company’s networked computers become potential targets to an array of cyber-attacks from key loggers, hackers, and Trojans. Every business uses the high-speed internet to connect offices, store data and for cloud computing. The more inter-connected your business is, the more important it is to protect the data stored on the network.

A string firewall comes into play by filtering the inbound traffic to your servers. It acts as a shield or a filter between your servers and cyberspace. Not only does your business need a firewall but it should also be constantly updated to protect your servers from any digital threat. Here are top three reasons why your company servers need a firewall.

Inside threats

When you think of a hacker, it’s likely that you envision someone in a faraway land sitting in a dark little room. Such an image creates a lot of problems as it leads you to believe that cybercriminals are located somewhere else. A data breach can sometimes be traced to individuals inside the affected company.

Insider threats are more dangerous than hackers outside your company. The effects of an insider threat can be crippling to your company. The damages caused by an insider threat can be devastating to your company no matter how big it is with the most tangible damage being the fines your company will suffer. Lawsuits and a loss in customers who no longer have confidence in your company can become costly very quickly. If the compromised data finds itself in the hands of your competitor, your company may never recover from the effect.

The granted access that comes with your employee makes them more dangerous than outside threats. They present a large security risk, one that you should protect your company from. The most common breaches happen while employees are surfing the internet. Failing or ignoring to follow security protocols set forth for them could result in a security breach. A firewall, one with proper configuration, helps keep your company servers safe by filtering out the incoming traffic and by also controlling the bandwidth. Firewalls can also help in separating your user’s personal life from business. This means you can protect your data from third parties by isolating the information associated with your company.

Block access to unapproved sites

Employee sometimes visits questionable sites that drain their productivity in your company. As a company, your Microsoft small business server should be able to block all access to all site that is non-productive to employees. It is costly to send monthly payrolls to employees who are adding little or close to no value in your company.

Using the company’s resources for personal things such as social media networking can be costly for business. A firewall support will allow your servers to block access to unapproved sites thus allowing your employees to focus on their given tasks.

Clients’ privacy

Clients are the cornerstone of your company. Without them, your company has no bases of operation. Since most companies store their client’s identities in digital form, it is imperative that the information remains private. To maintain trust and your company’s reputation you must protect client data. Adding a firewall to your servers ensure that your client data remain private by blocking access to external users.

Firewalls come in different categories. It’s important to take action before a security breach strikes your company. Get started on adding a firewall to your servers to make sure your company doesn’t suffer the costly effect that comes with a security breach.