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24/7 Helpdesk

24/7 Helpdesk

We know your staff could need IT suppport at any time. To assist you we are able to provide helpdesk support to your users 24/7. Users will receive helpful, cost effective problem resolution when and where they need it. We can also provide SLA agreements and/or call back time guarantees, tiered to the employee class or category you specify. We will respond and resolve issues in realtime.

Firewall can provide a variety of levels of support to suit your budget. We can also adjust the support level according to who is contacting us. 24/7 helpdesk services are very useful for firms that

  • Run outside standard business hours
  • Have clients that expect after hours support
  • Have staff that travel internationally
  • Have international clients
  • Have mission critical services running 24/7 (financial services would be an example)
  • Have staff that work outside standard business hours

Keeping your budget in mind is also important.

To minimize your costs for 24/7 support we can establish an escalation priority so only the work that needs to be done urgently is actually done. We can frame this around

  • Services that are supported 24/7, for example email
  • Staff that are supported 24/7
  • Systems that are supported 24/7, such as accounting, financial, or computational systems
  • Geographies that are supported at specific times
  • Specific premises that are supported during specific windows

We can also adapt services, or establish escalation policies for remote support and premises based support during a 24/7 window.

Service is provided by Firewall Technical staff and not disinterested staff based abroad.

Firewall provides cost effective 24/7 IT support that can provide business owners with peace of mind, and a great bottom line. Our state of the art facilities and services and staff can respond to your service requests.

Firewall Technical Service Desk agents have the experience, skills, and facilities to support your staff with IT issues. We train staff continuously to ensure that we are up to date with the most current technology and customer requirements. We will always try to resolve issues as quickly as possible to get your staff back up and running.

We support standard IT devices, and software as well as services specific to your business.

Your staff can contact us by phone or email 24/7 and Firewall Technical staff will be happy to assist them.