Data Backup Services

FWT provides a full range of secure and reliable data back up services.
We can help guide you through selecting the right loaction, frequency and thoroughness of back-ups to meet your business needs. We'll help you select from RAID arrays, NAS (network attached storage), external removable hard drives and cloud based back-ups services.

Location - On Premises

On premises back upservices include raid arrays, external harddrives, and NAS arrays. On premieses NAS, or network attched stroage is an array of hard drives attached to your network. From there the array is able to back-up your central servers, individual work statsions or any other selection of devices on your network. External hard drives can be attached to an individual device such as a server or work station and offer a range of back up options. A main advantage of external hard drives is the ability for you to remove the hard drive from your premises on a scheduled or ad hoc basis. Raid arrays involve multiple hard drives in your servers to provide redundancy and protection in the event of hard drive failure in a critical device in your network infrastructure. They also server as a business contunity investment which may allow you to keep working until a server hard drive can be swapped out.

Location - Off Premises

Off premieses storage options include cloud based back-ups, vault (secure storage, with the hard drives being pickup by security truck), and Data centre based NAS storage. Cloud based back-up offer a flexible range of options and easy set-up, with no hard ware investment on your part. Cloud stroage is billed on a monthly basis and offers the advantage off having your data at a different location than your premises. Secure storage invloves removing your storage device, usually hard drives, trasporting and stroing them in a secure location, inside a vault. NAS storage at a data centre is similar to NAS storage on premises but the NAS is located at a data centre instead of your server room.

Frequency and Thouroughness

Based on your security and data needs we will help guide you through the decision making process for how often and how complete your data back-ups should be. Options include full continous back-ups, full hourly back-ups, full daily back-ups, full weekly daily back-ups, and the same timing options but incremental back-ups instead. Customized options for specific needs are also available at no extra charge.


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